it’s been a terrible two weeks…

Hey guys!

For those of you who regularly keep up with my blog you’d know I’ve been totally absent from here for over a week. Actually, more than that. I tend to queue posts so I don’t have to stress about posting every day. And a week isn’t really that long to be away from here as I’ve been away for months before posting so it’s not that big of a deal. But I did want to talk about what’s been going on in my life. Sometimes I find it easier to deal with when I get everything out in the open without having to talk about it multiple times to different people. I’m not too sure when I’ll have the courage to post this – it’s currently Wednesday 7th Feb – so we’ll see how I feel at the end of this post.Read More »

K-Pop Songs: V – Voice Message by B.A.P

BAP is one of my Top 3 bias groups and for good reason. Their ability to come out with so many different genres all the time is breath-taking and I think not done enough by promoting groups at the moment. I do think they get played by their company TS Entertainment but their ability to be so well received by international fans is so amazing. “Voice Message” is one of those songs that is so easy to love – not only the song itself but the translation is beautiful as well.

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what i did…

So I’ve been absent from here for a few days. After concentrating on posting here multiple times every day while I’v been on holiday, I’ve let it slip for the past two days. Normally I would apologise for that but I have been absent from here for months on end so a couple days is nothing.

In two days I’ve managed to have a day-long alcohol bender, eat McDonalds three times a day and sweat through multiple t-shirts (due to the ridiculous New Zealand heat.)

I don’t necessarily talk about myself too much on this site but something you should definitely know about me is: I don’t like to do anything. I’d be perfectly happy to sit at home and find things to do so you can imagine how impressed I was at myself for how particularly exciting the past couple days have been for me.

But I’m back in the world on WordPress now. I’ve had some time away without feeling the pressure of coming up with things to post about, watched three seasons of One Tree Hill and feeling refreshed.

I’ll go back to my regularly programmed schedule tomorrow 😊

Bye guys!