K-Pop Songs: Q – Queen by HISTORY

Although not the first song of HISTORYs I’d ever seen it definitely left a massive impact. Coming straight from watching their eye-catching MV for “Might Just Die”, I was waiting for a song that would make me a fan of theirs and “Queen” did it within the first 5 seconds. Although the group announced their disbandment on 12 May 2017, they still deserve some attention. I wasn’t a huge fan of their earlier work but this album was fantastic!

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what next?…

I’m nearing the end of my K-Pop Songs:A-Z series and I have no idea what else to do as a new series. I have been listening to a few of my playlists on Spotify over the last few days and there’s a few songs in there that I think are massively overlooked or unknown.

I’m not one to dig very deep when it comes to finding the obscure and independent songs coming out of Korea but I’m thinking I might make a series about these rarely known songs. But I’m not too sure…

What do you think?? Or do you maybe have some ideas for another series you’d like me to do on this site?? Leave me comments down below!

Bye guys!


TRCNG – WHO AM I [Album Review]

I seem to have a problem with groups that appear to be too young – most of the babies in TRCNG are in fact…babies with the average age of 15.9 years. Which is good – they’re the new generation for K-Pop. They also carry a similar vibe with their sunbaes BAP – one of my top 3 bias groups – meaning they’re intense with powerful sounding music. I have listened to their debut album New Generation which I really enjoyed, especially title track “Spectrum”.

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K-Pop Songs: P – Palette by IU

This album is the first of IUs that I’ve listened to in full and I’m in love with it. Although I do like some songs more than others, the album as a whole is spectacular. I also love how she is held in such high regard by Koreans. She won a lot of awards at all the end of year award shows and I think that’s what she deserves. She’s so young but to have this kind of successful career so far is truly beautiful.

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MOMOLAND – GREAT! [Album Review]

Although I’ve never listened to a MOMOLAND song before there was something about their teasers for their upcoming album GREAT!, releasing 3 Jan 2018, I was drawn to. Maybe it was the catchiness of the music but I couldn’t help but be intrigued. As soon as I heard their Highlight Medley video I knew I had to check out both their title track “Bboom Bboom” and the rest of the album. Immediately drawn to their b-sides “Curious” and “Fly” I knew I was going to end up liking the whole deal.Read More »