How I Got Into K-Pop!

Hey guys!!

As most of you know, being a K-Pop fan can be extremely intense, expensive and your patience level for english subtitles increases a thousand-fold. Everyone has an interesting story of how they got into this genre, I’m always interested to hear how people got to the point of singing fan chants, attempting choreo and buying an extensive amount of Korean albums and group light sticks.

As for me, why don’t we start at the very beginning – how I got into K-Pop and the first group that got me into this intense genre…

In a nutshell, the mess I’m now in (called K-Pop) is all thanks to one person – Multifacetedacg aka Ashley. If you’re not aware of who she is, she’s one of my absolute favourite YouTube reactors, and if you’re a fan of K-Pop or a channel with some diversity delving into commentary, fangirl reactions to MVs and her own music productions, follow her ASAP!


Before I knew what K-Pop was – aside from hearing PSY – GANGNAM STYLE when that first came out and hearing BIG BANG – BANG BANG BANG once – I’m a massive fan of hip hop dancing, particularly the Royal Family, a dance crew from here in New Zealand. One day I’d seen someone do a reaction to their dance to Beyonce – 7/11 (If you haven’t already seen it, you need to. It’s the epitome of fierceness and female empowerment.)

And who did that reaction?? None other than Ashley!!!

Ladies of Pop: Beyonce “711” by ReQuest Dance Crew by Multifaceted Reaction.

From seeing this video once, I was immediately a fan. There was something about how funny, happy and excited she was to see the dancing, she made me want to keep watching her reactions.

So I went onto her channel and saw that she does K-Pop reactions – at this point, I didn’t know they were K-Pop. I just saw that they were reactions so I clicked real fast. The first video I watched just happened to be the boys of GOT7.

The more and more I watched her reactions, the more I fell in love with both her reactions, and these 7 dorky, yet oh so talented men.


I mean how could I not. WOULD YOU JUST LOOK AT THEM!

The more and more I watched Ashley’s reactions, the more reactors were on my suggested list on YouTube. By this point, I was long gone. This damn rabbit hole, I’m telling you!

So there you go, a very brief introduction to what first got me into this genre. 2 years later and I’ve got a YouTube channel and have just started a blog.

From becoming a fan of K-Pop, I’ve realised my love for it. I didn’t know that I would love this genre so much and the amount and quality of the music coming out of Korea is absolutely insane.

I also can’t help but to appreciate my life – all these people who try and make it in Korea have to train for years and years, undergo the most horrible situations away from their families, jump from plane to plane just to promote themselves and connect with their fans. The pure effort of trying to even debut just takes my breath away.

As a fan, I go out of my way to support the genre. I listen to it at work non-stop, I’ve tried to turn people into K-Pop fans (*cue maniacal laugh here*) just so that more and more people are aware of all the work and effort that goes into this genre and lifestyle.

Now it’s your turn: How did YOU get into K-Pop?

Leave me a comment down below or send me an email through my Contact tab at the top of the page.

Bye guys!


4 thoughts on “How I Got Into K-Pop!

  1. Cool story. 🙂 My journey to kpop started with anime which quickly led me to jdramas. Then from jdramas I jumped to kdramas. Only to then go on and discover k-vareity shows which typically would have idols as guests. From there I decided to check some of their music videos and bam my addiction for Kpop began. Haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha you’re yet another person I’ve heard of that started in Anime and fell head first into K-Pop 😊😊😊 I always find that when you start seeking out material from the variety shows – you’re in too deep 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • 😂😂😂😂 yep, that’d be the dead give away hahaha. I’m happy you commented on this post though 😊 I didn’t expect too much from this blog for a while so thanks for surprising me with your comments 😊😊😊


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