My Favourite Groups – Part 1.1

So now I’m going to head in to my favourite groups – the first part is going to be about their released singles and albums, the second part will be about the individual members. I’m not sure if I’m going to include my biases for each group as I go through, or save that for future posts. Maybe I’ll decide at the end of this post for what the best option will be…

So first up my top Top TOP bias group (first equal with the next group) is none other than a group I’ve already talked about before: GOT7As I’ve briefly mentioned in an earlier post, GOT7 was the first group I ever got into. As you all should know, once you get to know one group they forever have a place in your heart that no other group can replace.

Although I have already mentioned how much I love these boys, this post is going to be more in depth and more detailed. So grab a snack, a hot beverage of your choice, get a blanket and sit down in a comfortable place and get ready for some pure GOT7 TRASH!!


Did I get your attention with the photo above? Good! Because these men are all visual gods!! And although most groups have an intense element of “glow-up”, there’s just something about these boys-that-became-men that really kill me.

I can’t remember what MV that I watched first, but there was something about how pumped Ashley, from YouTube channel Multifacetedacg, that was contagious. Because they’re her bias group, I couldn’t help but start appreciating them as a group, the way they play together and as individuals, just like her.

Because I’m fairly new to the world of K-Pop, I haven’t been with a lot of groups from debut to current, so the order in which I’ve seen their MVs is all over the place. But for the purposes of this post I’ll work my way from debut all the way up to current comebacks, a brief over-view of their release history.

Debut: Girls Girls Girls 2014


As you can see from the difference between both images I’ve posted above, their concept differences are extreme opposites.

Initially, GOT7 debuted more as a hiphop oriented group which is very evident on their debut album Got It? – EP., with songs like Hello, I Like You and Follow Me being closer to this hiphop style.

Girls Girls Girls was definitely the best song for their debut. It showcases their different vocal styles, their dancing, their style and also how different they are to other groups that were debuting around the same time – mostly evident in their MV. In the MV, they became known for their martial arts, or “tricking” – mostly by members Mark and Jackson.

Other Singles and Albums : late 2014 – July 2015

After Girls Girls Girls, the boys came back in June with their next mini album Got Love that featured their song A.


This showcased yet another side of the boys – their cute side. This song had little similarity to their hiphop style they’d shown with Girls Girls Girls, though there were songs on this album that did lean towards the hiphop genre – U Got Me and Bad Behaviour in particular.

In November that same year, they comeback with the first full-length album Identify and their next single Stop Stop It.


Once again, they showcase a different image – sexiness. This is where the body rolls came in to destroy everyone – JB and Jackson in particular were being overly energetic with their body movements which I’m sure, messed people up pretty bad. I know it threw me through a couple loops, as I still didn’t know who my bias was at this point.

In July of 2015, they came back with their new album Just Right – EP with their new song Just Right.


This song mainly drifted towards the cute concept, like A, but totally different. I would have to say, this was the song that made GOT7 stand out more and made them get noticed by a wider audience.

I think this was one of the very first MVs I’d ever seen of them – the MV was crazy adorable and catchy like nothing I’d ever heard before. It also has a really nice message attached to it, so if you haven’t heard this song yet, go and watch their MV and turn on the captions. It’s heartwarming and suits their style of this album.

I’ve introduced GOT7 to a couple people that I know in real life, and like me, Just Right was the song that got them hooked!

When They Started To Change: If You Do September 2015

This was when they started to change directions and towards what I think suited them more than any other concept they’d already done.

In September 2015, they released their fourth EP Mad with their new single If You Do. This comeback was the first one where I was an actual fan to. Up until now, I’d had to play catch up with their back catalogue but If You Do was the comeback that I was overly in to. MY BOYS WERE HAVING A COMEBACK!


And what a concept it was!

As I mentioned above, this comeback for them was everything that I knew they could be – super dark and sexy (as they hadn’t yet shown us their dark side yet), amazing choreography and vocals that punch you right in the face. It also showcased the amazing talent that the boys have as members Jinyoung and Yugyeom did the choreography for this comeback.

The Flight Trilogy: Departure, Turbulence and Arrival Feb 2016 – March 2017

Now we move on to GOT7s highest point to date – the Flight Trilogy!

In February 2016, they came back with their fifth EP Flight Log: Departure and their newest single Fly.


Fly was another showcase of their immense talent. This was the first album that I listened to of theirs so far that I repeated straight away.

You’d be lying if you said you were a fan of a groups entire back catalogue, its only normal to like some songs more than normal. But Departure was the first album that I enjoyed the majority of the songs. My favourites are of course Fly, but also Fish and Rewind.

This album was also the first time a K-Pop group entered the Billboard Artist Hot 100 since Psy, which they entered at #44 – Psy peaked at #88.

Later that year in September they released their second studio album Flight Log: Turbulence with their title song Hard Carry.


Now while I said that I loved Departure, nothing prepared me for the intensity and love I had for Turbulence. This album is by far my favourite album they’ve done so far. Not only did it sound so rich in quality but the fact that all the boys contributed to the song-writing and composing helped a lot, I think.

There are a lot of songs that I love on this album, but no song messed me up as much as Mayday did, which Jinyoung had written. This song is one of my most played songs on iTunes and for bloody good reason. I just can’t get enough of it. Even now, almost a year later, I go out of my way to listen to it.

Hard Carry was their title track, and it was a million levels above their prior singles – both musically, choreography-wise and styling as well. You can’t deny these boys worked their asses off for this comeback more than the others.

In March 2017 they came back with their most recent album Flight Log: Arrival with their song Never Ever, drawing their trilogy to a close.


This album was the highest point for the boys so far. They managed to rake in a total of 220,000 pre-orders and a month later their total rose to 310,000 sales, making the album be number one on various different Korean and International charts.

Never Ever was different in comparison to Hard Carry. I thought that it’d be even more intense, but was pleasantly surprised at how chill it was in comparison. Their choreography and the sound of the song was slower than what I thought but it fit in really nice with the rest of the album as well as the trilogy.

This album was also really good, another great way to finish off their trilogy. Once again, the members contributed to these songs as well, but my favourite song on the album was written by Youngjae, and it was called Sign.

This brings me up to date with my brief overview of their singles and their back catalogue. Hopefully this post wasn’t too tedious for you, I just like to ramble on and on about the things that I’m passionate about hahahaha.

If you didn’t know anything about GOT7 before, hopefully you’ve learnt something now. If you’re already a fan of the boys, I’m sure you’d appreciate and be so proud of how far the boys have come.

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 of GOT7, where I’ll talk more about the members and why I love each and every one of them.

Bye guys!


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