My Favourite Groups – Part 1.2

So some of you should’ve seen my previous post, Part 1.1 of my Favourite GroupsThis post will be more about the members individually and how much I love them as a group. It’s a little too difficult to talk about what made me start loving the members from the very start, so I’ll just work in age order – from eldest to youngest.

And like 1.1, part 1.2 will be about the members of GOT7.

Theres a lot of things that I could talk about these boys but I work better when I start from one point and end up in another. So let’s start with the eldest member and work towards the youngest…

Mark (Mark Tuan, 마크, Tuan Yi Eun) – born September 1993 (main rapper/vocalist/visual)


Debut Mark – look how baby!!!


Never Ever era Mark – he’s still just so pretty!

Mark Tuan, everyone! The eldest, the quietest and the cutest. This is a common theme with a lot of K-Pop groups – the eldest are sometimes the best at all things aegyo.

As I said, he’s the quietest, but the amount of respect that the rest of the members give him when he does speak is just so beautiful to see. He’s an important person to the group, not only as a rapper, but he brings order and tones down the group when they’re acting a little crazy.

He’s the eldest but there are some times when he acts like the youngest. He also has one of the most outrageous laughs in the group which makes everything instantly better.

Even though he’s super cute and his role in the group is pivotal, he’s one of the few members who hasn’t appeared on my bias list. (When I say some members haven’t appeared on my bias list it’s not because I don’t appreciate them. Most of the time it’s because I’m too occupied with other members to really pay attention to them hahaha)


But I cannot deny how adorable and beautiful he is!

JB (Im Jae Bum, 임재범) – born January 6 1994 (leader/lead vocalist)


Debut JB – that grey hair is what caused the name Grandpa Dad


Never Ever era JB – good Lord LOOK AT HIM!

I could write 1000 posts about the love I have for JB. If you couldn’t grasp it enough from that last sentence, JB is not only by #1 bias in GOT7, but he’s also my ULTIMATE BIAS. I can remember the exact video and the exact shot of when JB turned into my UB – Just Right MV, the scene where JB’s driving the car… yeah, you all know the part

Before I get carried away with my intense love for him, I need to stick to my formula and just take a breath…

JB is not only my UB, but he is one of my favourite leaders in a K-Pop group. All leaders are great, but JB is just… one of my favs. His ability to control all the boys is so astounding as GOT7 has a lot of members that get out of control at the drop of the hat. Yet he’s always the first to calm everyone down and bring everyone back to their appropriate level.

He’s an angry man but most of the time he yells out of competitiveness. He’s a great dancer, especially at B-Boying. I also love that he’s so uncomfortable with doing aegyo and he’s known as “the dad” in the group. The thing that I love the most about him is his voice!

I say it in my GOT7 reactions all the time: JB (and Youngjae) have two of the most purely powerful vocals I have ever heard in K-Pop. And I don’t think that because he’s my bias. I’ve had countless people, including my boyfriend, who’ve said how powerful his voice is and they get chills every time he starts singing. Plus: there’s just something about him in JJ Project that makes me soft (a duo-group he was in with fellow member Jinyoung before GOT7 was around.)


I just love him so much!

Jackson (Jackson Wang, 잭슨, Wang Ka Yee) – born March 28 1994 (lead rapper/vocalist)


Debut Jackson – still handsome, still hilarious


Never Ever era – His glow-up is ridiculous. Still handsome, but dear god he can work his angles.

Jackson is always someones bias. Even if he’s not, he’s got this undeniable and endearing quality that you can’t help but be drawn to which makes him the most popular member in GOT7.

Like Mark, Jackson has never really been a bias for me – but GOD DOES HE MAKE ME LAUGH!

His most attractive quality is his sense of humour. For me, he’s the mood setter for the group. He’s always there to add a funny comment or ready to scream his high pitched laugh that can’t help but make you laugh as well. He’s an extremely hard worker, not only in Korean with GOT7 but solo in China as well. He’s so busy all the time – flying between both countries continuously – which was why he wasn’t a part of the first couple weeks of Never Ever promotions due to being over worked.

He’s extremely competitive, probably due to the fact that he’s a Olympic gold medalist in fencing – the reason for those thighs sent from heaven!

He’s the member that is unafraid to hang off another member. He’s always been extremely touchy-feely with the other members, which shocked a couple of them from the very start. It’s just who he is – a cuddler.

Recently, there’s been a lot of drama surrounding Jackson. If you didn’t already know, people were giving him a lot of heat for being in a Pepsi ad sporting dreadlocks/braids. Personally, I didn’t have a problem with it other than the fact that I hate that hairstyle on idols, but a lot of people were angry. He spoke up against the hate he was getting which only made the situation worse. Again, I find no fault with him defending himself. Yes, it was cultural appropriation, but Jackson has been our sunshine since before debut and would never do anything hateful or purposely go out of his way to hurt anyone.

wang puppy

Leave our precious WANG PUPPY alone!

Jinyoung (Park Jin Young, 박진영) – born September 22 1994 (lead vocalist)


Debut Jinyoung – this is probably my most uncomfortable moment for Jinyoung hahaha this look just doesn’t suit him


Never Ever era Jinyoung – he’s also had a mad case of glow-up. Although always handsome, Never Ever era is one of his finest!

As I said underneath the photos of Jinyoung, his debut look isn’t my favourite for him. He will always be handsome, in a way that the other members aren’t. For me, he looks like a rich and sophisticated Prince. No kidding! Look at the Never Ever poster again and you’ll know what I mean!

I always get annoyed when people get angry about fans calling members “the dad” or “the mom” of the group. When I say that I’m meaning it in the best way. If I call a member “the dad”, they’re usually the leader. They take care of all the members and are usually the strict ones of the group. If I call them “the mom” its because they’re extremely caring and show affection openly all the time, always makes sure there members aren’t getting sick and that they’re eating properly.

To me, Jinyoung is the mother of GOT7!

He’s softly spoken and mature, yet he’ll snap into a borderline violent and aggressive hyung towards his dongsaengs if they start playing with him. My favourite pair in GOT7 is Jinyoung and Yugyeom. If you don’t know why, go and look on YouTube. They’re hilarious together!

In the past, Jinyoung has been quite sick – with stomach problems. I don’t know if he still experiences this. I haven’t heard him complaining about it on their recent reality shows so maybe he eats better now, but whenever he would be in pain he would turn into this cute smol little ball.

I’ve heard him being called Little Rain from a lot of different people. And I would agree. There’s just something about his face and dancing style that reminds me of Rain! As I mentioned in part 1.1, Jinyoung had a lot of involvement with the choreography of If You Do, their darkest concept so far.

He’s also excelled in songwriting. Like I mentioned in 1.1, Mayday is one of my favourite GOT7 songs ever. The song continues to give me chills each and every time I hear it and even made itself into my top songs of 2016.

He’s also the actor of the group, most recently starring as teenage Lee Minho in Legend of the Blue Sea which the boys always like to highlight when they’re in front of the camera – particularly Jackson. He was also the protagonist for the Flight Log trilogy. Although I still don’t completely know what Fly – Never Ever was about, I can’t deny that Jinyoung shone in all 3 eras.

jr gif

Youngjae (Choi Young Jae, 최영재) – born September 17 1996 (main vocalist)


Debut Youngjae – to be fair, he didn’t have a lot of lines in Girls Girls Girls. If we knew what his voice could do we wouldn’t believe it!

yj ne

Never Ever era Youngjae – he is by far the top 2 of the best glow-ups of GOT7!

There was a time when people didn’t like Youngjae for some reason. I think I read that it had something to do with the fact that he wasn’t particularly attractive or cute like the rest of the members, or maybe because his voice didn’t get featured or highlighted as special at the time of their debut. I don’t know what these people were thinking!

To me, he’s always been super cute with his eye smile and hella ridiculous laugh – there’s a lot of ridiculous laughers in this group. I’m sure a lot of these people have really eaten their words because Youngjae is the most handsome in the group – in my opinion.

He has this childish and innocent outlook on life and he is so unafraid to laugh with his big ol mouth wide open. He likes to joke around with the other members but I feel particularly soft whenever I see him and JB together. They’ve both said before in interviews that they see each other as brothers and that they’re closer than other members. And I love this!

As I mentioned above in JBs part, Youngjae has an equally powerful voice. Although I prefer JBs voice, I can’t take away from the fact that Youngjae’s voice will not only shock you but will take all the oxygen out of your lungs.

He’s also been really good with his songwriting. On their most recent album Arrival his song Sign is my favourite. Not only is the song beautiful, but his part in it makes me lose my mind!

Jackson’s said it before, Youngjae reminds him of an otter and I couldn’t agree more!!!

yj gif

Look at his little face! Smiling Sunshine at his best!

Bambam (뱀뱀, Kunpimook Bhuwakul, กันต์พิมุกต์ ภูวกุล) – born May 2 1997 (lead rapper)


Debut Bambam – debut Bam makes me feel uncomfortable. Look how baby he is!!

bam ne

Never Ever era Bambam – Bam is 100% #1 candidate for glow-up in this group!

As I just said, Bambam has had the craziest glow-up in GOT7. And you can’t deny it from these last 2 photos! I swear, there are times when he looks like G Dragon with his white blonde hair.

Bam first debuted as the cute member but quickly turned into this monster fashionista. I agree with both images whole-heartedly but mostly because if I think of him as anything else I start to get uncomfortable.

Bambam is yet another member who hasn’t really been on my bias list. I do appreciate his role in the group – the crazy one who won’t shut up – but I think that because of those two qualities, I’d get too annoyed with him hahaha.

He’s one of the rappers of the group who’s voice just decided to drop in between Stop Stop It-era and Just Right-era. You all know what I’m talking about! In his first verse in Just Right, I know you all had to turn up the volume just to make sure that it was really his voice!

As I mentioned, he’s the hyper one although a little different than Jackson. Jackson is witty and just down right funny, but Bambam is like a child who can’t be contained. He’s been the culprit of many iconic trends – bottle flipping and dabbing, even calling himself Dab Dab – which caused the hyungs, particularly JB, a lot of headaches.

He’s been a lot more active in songwriting as time goes on. He now contributes to his rap writing which fit him more than the raps that he was made to do on their earlier tracks.

He’s just like a little energy bunny with ADHD and I think it’s important to have this stress-reliever – sometimes stress-giver – in the group.

bam gif

Yugyeom (Kim Yu Gyeom, 김유겸) – born November 17 1997 (maknae, vocalist)


Debut Yugyeom – he doesn’t look like the maknae at all, never did

yg ne

Never Ever era Yugyeom – when Yugyeom lost his little baby fat cheeks, buried underneath them was this astoundingly beautiful boy!

Yugyeom is my #2 bias in GOT7. I don’t know when it happened, but it happened a long time ago. Maybe in the Stop Stop it MV, with his pink hair and cheeky looks to the camera.

Yugyeom is the naughty one of the lot. He plays up with his hyungs and likes to push the boundaries between the age gaps and the polite lines between a hyung/dongsaeng relationship. It probably didn’t help that he became known as the Giant Maknae – as he became so tall that even his hyungs started to flinch every time Yugyeom pretended to hit them.

The relationship between not only Jinyoung and Yugyeom but also with JB and Yugyeom are my favourites. Like I mentioned above in Jinyoungs section, these two fight like little kids. Theres so much footage out there of both of them going out of their way to be mean to each other but they’d always hug it out at the end of the day. The relationship between JB and Yugyeom is more of an observation. The amount of respect that Yugyeom has for JB is immense – the love JB has in return is so beautiful to see. To quote something Yugyeom has said in their reality show GOT7-ing:

“I once was impressed by JB. I really loved to follow all of you, and JB already had a debut after JJ Project. One [member] said “Do we need to bring Yugyeom?” JB said a joke, though, he scolded him very much. Then we went there together.”

I just find the whole thing extremely touching, Yugyeom wanting to follow all the older members and JB making sure that all the younger ones were being taken care of.

Yugyeom is the dancer of the group. Although they’re all really good, and I’ve mentioned JB’s b-boying skills, Yugyeom’s talent is completely unparalleled. Members like JB, Jinyoung and Jackson have all said that they lose their minds whenever Yugyeom does freestyle dancing in front of them in their rehearsals. If you haven’t seen his two dances on the show Hit the Stage you need to. There’s even a dance battle between JB and Yugyeom in episode 2 of Got7-ing that you need to see. He’s completely astounding!

Out of all the members, I think Yugyeom has also improved his singing the most. Although he was far from being bad in any way when they debuted, the strength and confidence he now has is amazing. Check out him singing live on their Never Ever Cake Making on Dingo.

yg gif

Members like JB, Youngjae and Yugyeom also have some really amazing songs available on SoundCloud. They’ve all shown their amazing talent with song writing and the genres of their songs are sometimes unexpected.


Youngjae – ARS


So that brings to close all the reasons why I love these boys!

I’ve been with them from the very start of my K-Pop obsession and I can see myself staying with these boys until the very end. They give me so many laughs that I can’t help but rematch every video that’s on YouTube over and over again. My obsession is so intense with them that even my boyfriend loves them – particularly Stop Stop It. He’s even said that his bias has changed from Jackson to JB… THIEF!!!

Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post, so don’t be afraid to leave any messages below – maybe other ahgases or people who want to get into GOT7. I’m always down for spreading the GOT7 love around

Bye guys!


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