My Favourite Groups – Part 2.2

Hopefully you guys handled my fangirling over BTS well. I really really tried to stick to my predetermined schedule so hopefully I wasn’t too all over the place hahahaha.

Due to this post being Part 2.2, it will be about the individual members and why I love each and every one of them. For BTS though, I’m really going to struggle hahaha I’ve always had clear biases – at one time I’ve had 3 biases at once – so to prevent this indecisiveness and inconsistency I’ve tended to have towards my biases in BTS, I’ve managed to establish 2 biases and the other five members are all equal. By the end of this post you hopefully will notice that I appreciate all members for different reasons.

You’ll also have to deal with me mentioning that I’ve seen them live throughout this post. I was lucky enough to see them at the end of May in Sydney, Australia and there’s so many things that you realise when you see them in real life that doesn’t translate through the camera.

So like my 1.2 post (about GOT7 members) I’ll work from the eldest to the maknae….

Jin (Kim Seok Jin, 김석진) – born December 4 1992 (vocal, visual)

bts jin debut

No More Dream (debut) era – Jin has always had that face and those lips!

bts jin not today

Not Today (current comeback) era – Yep, still handsome!

Jin is the eldest hyung but acts like the maknae from time to time, especially when playing with the ACTUAL maknae. I think this personal trait of his is one of the reasons why so many love him. He’s also known as the shoulders of the group – they’re wide af!

Jin started out as being not so strong vocally but after 4 years he’s turned into one of their strongest live vocalists. He was also known as the weakest dancer, along with Rap Monster, but you would never notice this when you see them all dance together. Yes, he does move differently than the experienced dancers in the group but his ability to struggle so much with the dancing yet melt in with the rest of the members is a talent in itself. Just don’t ask him to freestyle dance, we all know he’d rip out his traffic dance!

I would definitely call him “the mom” of the group. And some ARMYs go crazy at people when people say this. But as I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, I don’t mean it in a bad way. I mean it in the best possible way! He takes care of the members, provides a shoulder to lean on and gives a decent amount of comic relief with his notorious dad jokes. He’s also the cook in the house and has been ever since their debut.

He’s always one of the first to laugh at jokes or at other members.  He’s most definitely the first person to step forward and profess how handsome he is. I’m sure it would get annoying if he wasn’t so damn right!!

From watching them live, Jin is without a doubt the most handsome person in the group and one of the best looking people I’ve ever seen in my life (along with BAP’s Daehyun.) He’s not even my bias but I say this proudly: no one can have a face like his and not be deemed as ‘punch-you-in-the-face handsome’!

There are two things I really appreciate about Jin: 1. his ridiculous windscreen wiper laugh that always makes me smile 2. Eat Jin. If you haven’t seen any videos of his Eat Jin, you need to. The way that he just stuffs his mouth with food, in an industry where people are so skinny and don’t show themselves in such an “unflattering” state, makes my heart warm. I want all my favourites to eat like this and the fact that Jin eats enough for the whole group makes me want to give him a cuddle and tell him he’s doing a good job.

My most favourite thing about Jin is his voice. And by his voice I mean EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! He has a pretty soft voice but the way he uses it is beyond unique. I’ve always felt that instead of singing from his stomach and out through the nose, he lets it out of his throat. I’m not sure if that’s how he’s been taught but it not only suits him but also the group as a whole.

He is an integral part of the group and I feel like he often gets overlooked both as a member but also as a vocalist. To be fair, there are some other unique voices in the group but Jin’s voice is unique, too. I just wish that he would get to have his shine on more. I’m happy that he was recognised as Worldwide Handsome from the BBMAs!

bts jin gif

Suga (Min Yoon Gi, 민윤기) – born March 9 1993 (lead rapper)

bts suga debut

No More Dream (debut) era – one of my favourite eras for Suga. I feel like he was able to be the badass that we all know him to be, especially when rapping

bts suga not today

Not Today (current comeback) era – this comeback is another favourite. HE WAS PUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CHOREO!!

I could spend hours talking about the wonders that make up my love for Suga but I’ll try and refrain for the time being.

Yoongi was one of my first biases. I don’t know if it was because of his mint green hair at the time or the fact that I just love me a rapper. Either way, the boy messed me up a lot. And for a long time.

Yoongi’s like the uncle of the group. He always brings the members back down to a sane and comprehensible level when they’re acting a little crazy or if he thinks they’re genuinely not being funny. He’s always the one to do old dance moves and may come across as being quite cold and  uninterested in what’s happening. But from the years of being a fan of BTS I know he’s the opposite.

He’s just a big ol fluff ball! He makes the most cute and random noises and he’s always down to laugh with J-Hope which makes me totally soft. Nothing makes me more emotional than the footage of Yoongi crying when they received their daesung at the MAMAs in 2016 or when he does a formal bow to his parents at their concert and starts crying. He’s just so beautiful and I can’t help but feel how much he appreciates each and every one of us fans.

My favourite thing about Suga is his rapping! He takes my breath away every time he pops up in a song. He is so talented and I feel that he often gets overlooked because of Rap Monsters unique voice. But he slapped everyone across the face when he dropped his AGUST D mixtape and set our ears and hearts on fire.

Not only is his mixtape absolute genius, I think a lot of people had no other choice but to acknowledge his immense talent. Not only did he slay his lyrics in the mixtape but I think he also helped a lot of ARMY who have struggled with/are still struggling with mental illness. The way he is able to spit on a track, and so passionately, all comes down to one thing: his breathing. I have never heard a rapper ever rely on his heavy breathing so much every time he raps. It’s almost like he’s known for it now and I’m so happy about it. I don’t think it gets talked about enough!

To me he is so beautiful. His skin is so beautiful in real life and all I wanted to do was protect him. He loves to hear the fans scream for him and I hope he realises how much we all love him.

bts suga gif

J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok, 정호석) – born February 18 1994 (lead rapper, main dancer)

bts jhope debut

No More Dream (debut) era – I keep praying that debut J-Hope will make an appearance in the next comeback. The black hair, the intense eye liner…. HEAVEN!

bts jhope not today

Not Today (current comeback) era – his hair colour is a gift sent from above!

The only word that I can think of to describe Hoseok is: sunshine!

He is 100% BTS’ sunshine, their mood maker and their energy giver. Although he establishes his role as the hyung to the other members, he is so very unafraid to act like a hyper little puppy. He, like GOT7s Jackson, is always the first to throw in a hilarious comment that makes everyone laugh at his wittiness and his ability to bring up the mood.

Although at debut he was the weakest rapper of the three there is no denying that his improvement over the last four years is substantial that us ARMYs are anxiously waiting for his mixtape. The way he raps is also really unique. Unlike Suga, J-Hope doesn’t have a consistent rapping style. Instead of sticking to the one style, he tends to vary – from rapping fast to using a mix between rapping and singing. Recently, as he’s being using the singing/rapping style a lot more, I’ve fallen in love with his style even more. His verse in Outro: Wings gives me the chills every time. I don’t even like that song!

What always makes J-Hope a potential bias wrecker for me is his dancing. Although we all know that he’s their dance leader, his genuine and pure ability to dance is unparalleled in this group. When he dances, you can’t help but see how much he loves it and how strong his passion is. My heart warms each and every time I see him spending time with Rap Monster and Jin just to help them perfect their dancing.

He’s always the first to cry in a sad situation which I find super endearing. I love a good cry and I think a man that can cry is extremely attractive. He’s also the biggest scaredy cat in the group which makes me laugh. Watching him try and hold a snake or get frights from the other members just brightens up my day. A little sadistic, I know, but you guys know what I mean!

To me, Hoseok is the member that is under-appreciated the most. When BTS debuted there were a lot of people who started a hashtag on Twitter to get rid of him. I don’t know too many details about his feelings on the matter but no doubt he heard about it and it upset him. I hate that people were like this as he is one of the most important members in the group. Their Blood Sweat and Tears era was made for J-Hope as BigHit finally let him shine the brightest – from the choreo to the amount of lines they gave him in the songs. I just hope that those people who were so negative about him have realised their error and are now massive J-Hope fans.

It hurts me when any of these members are in pain, especially this beautiful sunshine!

bts jhope gif

Rap Monster (Kim Nam Joon, 김남준) – born September 12 1994 (leader, main rapper)

bts rm debut

No More Dream (debut) era – this is my least favourite concept for Rap Monster. Although the heavy hip hop and dark concept fit him well, I just hated his hair and the fact that they put those stupid sunglasses on him

bts rm not today

Not Today (current comeback) era – aside from Boy In Luv era, this era was written from Rap Monster. Just…. HIS HAIR!!!

Rap Monster was my first bias in BTS so my initial allegiance with him is a problem area every time they have a comeback. He’s usually 1 dimple away from making his way into my top two again! I first fell in love with those dimples, the blonde hair and also his thick ass voice!

I also tend to have a thing for the leaders of a group so Rap Monster being a bias was bound to happen. In a nutshell – all my reasons for loving him were extremely superficial hahaha.

The more I got to know him and the role he has in the group is when he REALLY became the problem. From his absolutely brilliant brain, his ability to teach himself new languages so easily, the respect that the other members have for him and the fact that he’s just so unable to do any kind of aegyo is something that I learnt – and fallen in love with – over time.

Whenever saying a speech at award shows, his first word is always ARMY which makes me so soft I can’t even explain it.

He is so strong at both writing music to producing it, he is without a doubt completely indispensable in the group – without them they wouldn’t even exist and that is a FACT!

So it’s hurtful to me that people don’t like him. And not even at debut, I mean right now as I’m writing this and you’re reading this – Namjoon is not appreciated enough! I appreciate him for everything he is: his inability to dance, his facial expressions when trying to dance, his relationship with the members, his love for us ARMY and the fact that he has always been about the music.

His thick rapping voice is my favourite, though. The way that he raps on top of a beat makes me go crazy. I mean, have you even heard JOKE?!?!?! He’s an absolute rapping genius I cannot even…

He needs to be appreciated – for his talent, for his gentle spirit and also for his love. He’s not going anywhere so you all need to love you some Namjoon!!!

rm gif

Jimin (Park Ji Min, 박지민) – born October 13 1995 (lead vocal, main dancer)

bts jm debut

No More Dream (debut) era – this is the definition of mochi-Jimin. The cheeks though!

bts jm not today

Not Today (current comeback) era – his glow-up is so intense I find it hard to keep him out of the Top 2!!

Jimin is one of those members I can’t help but look at. I don’t know if its because he’s my friends ultimate bias but I always find myself looking out for him in MVs and also while watching their live performances.

While Rap Monster is “the dad”, Suga is “the uncle”, J-Hope is “the sunshine” and Jin is “the mom”, in my opinion Park Jimin is “the angel”. He’s the member that is always concerned for the others and never takes the spotlight on purpose. When the other members point out how hard he works he deflects the compliments and puts the attention on other members by saying that the others work harder.

Like J-Hope and Rap Monster, there was a time when people didn’t like Jimin. For some reason people like to spread the hate around and even made a hashtag about how Jimin was “fat” and “untalented” and should be kicked out of the group. This frame of mind really frustrates me, like, what are they trying to achieve?!?!

While Jimin will always do well in everything he does, there are a few areas that I think he excels at in particular: 1. Watching him dance gives me the goosebumps 2. His high notes and angelic voice makes me want to cry/die 3. He is able to perfectly straddle the line between cute and sexy.

There are sometimes where I find it hard to not have Jimin as a bias and Blood Sweat and Tears was particularly difficult. I’m sure you can all sympatise on this one! Although I think this comeback was made for J-Hope, Jimin pulled off the concept the best. He’s just impossible handsome and cute at the same time and my poor noona-heart struggles ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!

bts jm gif

V (Kim Tae Hyung, 김태형) – born December 30 1995 (vocal)

bts v debut

No More Dream (debut) era – to me, V is the visual of the group. Although whitewashed in the above photo you can see his melanin show through!

bts v not today

Not Today (current comeback) era – this era was made for two people: Rap Monster and V. They both had their foreheads out, their hair was perfect and urgh!!!

So Kim Taehyung is currently my #1 BTS bias and he’s been a bias of mine since the first ever BTS MV I ever watched – Boy In Luv – so he naturally fell behind Namjoon and all the beauty that was his blonde hair, melanin and dimples. The moment V crossed over to my #1 bias was when he decided to show the world his tongue in the War of Hormone MV. And as you all should know, his tongue is lethal.

Taehyung is the most adorable person of BTS. He’s the weird one, the one that no one knows what he’s going to say next. The “alien”. And whatever planet he’s from – I WANNA GO THERE! I love his randomness, how much he loves his members and just everything about him.

The love he has for his family and his members makes my heart weak as you can see it every time he talks about them or every time he talks to them. Everything to do with his grandmother makes me cry and I love that about him too – his ability to make me cry at the drop of a hat.

I love that even though he’s not a part of the dance-line, he can still dance his ass off. Even though he’s not “the visual” of the group, every member can’t help but acknowledge how handsome he is.

The thing that I love most about him is his heavenly deep voice. He’s got the lowest voice in the group singing wise – the deepest would either go to Suga or Rap Monster – but the way he uses it makes me lose my mind. Stigma is one of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard and seeing it live was one of the best experiences of my life. With that song alone he was able to show everyone how talented he is even though he can’t showcase it that much.

I love everything about him, everything about who he is as a person and I can’t wait to hear every song that he’s had some kind of involvement with – Hold Me Tight and Just One Day are two of my all-time favourite BTS songs.

Like Jimin, Taehyung also manages to straddle the line of cuteness and sexiness. Although I don’t think of him in any sexual-type way, he makes me heart weak every time I see him on screen.

bts v gif

Jungkook (Jeon Jung Kook, 전정국) – born September 1 1997 (maknae, lead vocalist, face of the group)

bts jk no more dream

No More Dream (debut) era – LOOK HOW BABY HE IS!! He was SO young when he debuted with his big eyes and cute little cheeks!

bts jk not today

Not Today (current comeback) era – LOOK HOW GROWN UP HE IS!! He’s just…oh he’s just so hot!!

Jeon Jungkook has never been a bias for me – EVER! To me, he is the maknae. He’s 7 years younger than me so me thinking of him as anything else is extremely inappropriate.


There is a reason why Jungkook is called the Golden Maknae – everything he does, he does well. He’s an amazing dancer, an amazing singer and talented athletically. I’m sure the hyungs do get annoyed at how talented he is sometimes but the love they have for him is so intense. And contagious!

Although his voice has improved over time he has never been a weak singer. His voice is quite unique, in my opinion, but he uses it so well. He can sound so sensitive and emotional one second and then can immediately switch to a powerful, strong and confident. THE BOY CAN DO NO WRONG!!

I find it hard to look away from Jungkook when he’s dancing. The fact that he’s so good is one of the reasons but the main reason is that he dances differently than the other dance-line. Jimin shows fluidity and flexibility, J-Hope is just pure raw and technical talent and Jungkook is power. Every one of his movements is filled with power, almost to the point of being on the extra side. But I appreciate that about him – he’s confident enough to show off!

He’s hilarious, always making fun of his hyungs. He’s also extremely emotional. Begin really messed me up when I first heard it and I cried, the only song on Wings that made me cry. The love and respect that he has for the other members is so beautiful to see. But when he cries, I sob. I sob like I’m not 27 years old.

So time to explain my feelings about Jeon Jungkook…

He became a bias wrecker in Blood Sweat and Tears. To me it seemed like he became a man over night and I don’t think I knew how to handle it – I still don’t know how to handle him. The more and more I watched live performances of BS&T, Am I Wrong and 21st Century Girls he slowly but sure crossed over to an actual bias!

Although I’m not willing to put him above Taehyung, I would say that Kookie is either second or tied for #1 bias with V.

I don’t agree with people over-sexualising idols, but there are a few idols that I’m ok with it. And Jungkook is BTS’ one for me. I don’t really know how to explain it any other way than: for Jeon Jungkook, I would go THERE….

You see now?!?! Hahahaha ugh I feel gross now.

But the gif below is the perfect way to describe my feelings on everything Jeon Jungkook and what he does to me.

bts jk gif


I appreciate each and every member of BTS in different ways. Each comeback creates a new bias wrecker and I’m sick of trying to decide who I like the most – aside from V, he’s always going to be #1! They are all so talented in different ways and I can’t bear to think of a single member being hurt or not a part of the group.

I know that their fame and popularity is taking off in an explosive way at the moment but us ARMYs should never stop supporting them. Even if they’re more popular, they will always be the Bangtan that we fell in love with. The ones who make us cry, the ones who made us laugh and be happy, and the ones who taught us “You Never Walk Alone.”

I will forever be an ARMY, because that’s the only way that I can give back what they’ve given to me: love and support!

Bye guys!


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