My Favourite Groups – Part 3.2

B.A.P has always been and will always be very close to being one of my favourite groups ever. Although the love I have for GOT7 and BTS cannot be replaced. B.A.P affects me in different ways.

Like the other Part .2s this post will be about the individual members of the group, showing my love for each and everyone of them. I’ll be doing this blog with the same formula – the eldest to the maknae.

It’s impossible not to get attached to members whenever you see them on variety shows – it always happens to me. I may not know all their names but I start falling in love with them and I’m sure you can all relate!

So without further ado, lets head into the ever so talented and ever so handsome members of B.A.P!

Yongguk (Bang Yongguk, 방용국) – born March 31 1990 (leader, main rapper)

bap byg debut

Warrior (debut) era – ugh his face!!!! The oiled arms!!! The dirtyness of this entire concept!!!!

bap byg wake me up

Wake Me Up (current comeback) era – I love his wavy hair and the hint of tattoo exposure we can see in this photo!

Like a lot of members from other groups, I could write an entire 500 page book about my love of Bang Yongguk. Without a doubt in my mind Yongguk is my #2 Ultimate Bias. He’d be my #1 if GOT7s JB wasn’t out to get me. Just ugh, I love him so much!

Yongguk is one of the three members of B.A.P that doesn’t speak that much, the other two being Zelo and Jongup. Yongguk has never talked when it comes to interviews or if they’re doing their own shows but God is he funny when he does speak! I love watching him on Weekly Idol, it’s like he feels like he’s home when he’s there.

Like I said, he doesn’t speak that much but when he does the members stop what they’re doing and listen. I don’t know if that’s because he’s the eldest hyung or because he’s the leader. Either way, the respect that the members give him is beautiful.

He has one of the most adorable gummy smiles I’ve ever seen in K-Pop – the other person who has a gummy smile I can’t resist is BTS’ Suga – and his laugh makes me so so happy!

He does an amazing job with controlling the rest of the members when he can, although there are a few members who are uncontrollable and don’t stop talking. He is most definitely “the dad” of B.A.P.

To me, he’s the most fashionable one of the lot. I don’t know if it’s because his style is what I find most attractive on males but everything he wears makes me fall in love with him even more. From the hair, to the clothes, to THE DAMN TATTOOS LORD, he is irresistible to me.

When I saw them live, I couldn’t deal with him. He showed his abs and it was all over for me! I just…. words can not explain how much I wanted to die at that point. I even got to do a hi-touch with B.A.P and I could only remember three members. I made an effort and a point to remember Yongguk as he is my bias. All I can remember is his deep voice as he said “hello” when our hands touched – I didn’t say anything the whole time btw, I just had a goofy and embarrassed smile on my face, cool of me I know – and also how skinny and bony his hands were. He’s not a big guy, actually he’s borderline underweight for someone of his height, but I didn’t realise how skinny he was until I saw him up close.

There are a few things about Yongguk that are my favourite, so please bear with me while I try and organise my thoughts:

How much he cares about people and the environment – to me, Yongguk is the cornerstone for all political messages that B.A.P express through their music. I’m not too sure about the other members involvement with this but I feel like it fits closer with Yongguk’s personality and everything that he’s about. He loves the environment, he loves people and he expresses it through everything he does.

He’s adorable – have you ever seen him try and do aegyo with his deep ass voice?! If not, you should! I very rarely see him as “cute” as everything about him screams manly and sexy but as soon as he opens his mouth and laughs or gives us his gummy smile I turn soft immediately!

His damn rapping voice! – Yongguk by far has the most attractive rapping voice in K-Pop, in my opinion. Although there are a lot of rappers that come close to him – BTS’ Rap Monster, BIG BANGs T.O.P and WINNERs Mino – Yongguk makes me lose my mind! He’s great at producing and writing his own stuff and with specific songs like Confession and 4:44, I sometimes don’t know how to process his voice or the effect that it has on me.

Obviously, from the above mentioned, Yongguk is on another level. I love a lot of members in a lot of different groups but Yongguk (and JB) are so high above everyone else that I struggle to gather words in explanation.

bap byg gif

(An added bonus, Yongguk is one of the few biases I have that is actually older than me. He’s one of the only ones that I can actually call oppa without offending them :):) It may not seem like a big deal but it means a lot to me hahaha)

Himchan (Kim Himchan, 김힘찬) – born April 19 1990 (vocal, visual)

bap khc debut

Warrior (debut) era – his hella good looks have been evident since debut. His sharp jawline and deep voice make it impossible to not fall for him

bap khc wake me up

Wake Me Up (current comeback) era – although he “gained weight” and he died his hair red, he will always be handsome. This era is my favourite for Himchan as they let him get his shine on with all the lines they gave him!

Himchan is “the mom” of the group. Probably because he is quite a bit older than the other members, along with Yongguk, but also because of his personality. To me, he is quite sensitive – in a good way – and he always seems like he’s taking care of the other members well. He also stepped up to be the leader of the group when Yongguk was absent due to anxiety and I think he did a great job at leading.

I find Himchan to be one of the cutest in the group. He’s unafraid to do aegyo to the point where he’s one of the best. He’s extremely witty and funny and always manages to make Yongguk laugh with his antics. He’s also one of the biggest talkers in the group, along with Daehyun and Youngjae, so there’s never a dull moment once these three get to talking!

I know he struggled over the recent years while they were on hiatus. I think I remember seeing that he gained a lot of weight during this time as well – although I don’t think that’s a bad thing. He was so skinny before and I think he just went to a normal weight when they came back with Young Wild and Free.

Himchan is the second member I remember from the hi-touch. His fan service was absolutely incredible! During their encore performances he sat down at the very front of the stage and looked at a lot of the fans directly and sang to them. If I was at the front of the mosh pit I would’ve died! I remember him vividly from the hi-touch as he was the last member in the line. For some reason, he was standing at the end of the line and in a different place. The other members were standing along the long side of the table that they had in front of them but Himchan was the only member standing at the short end of the table. I honestly thought he was the manager! When I touched his hand I remember it being very warm and soft, which perfectly describes Himchan’s personality. When I realised who he was as our hands were letting go of each other I made this weird ass noise, kind of like a hyperventilating noise, and quickly ran away. I was high off adrenaline for a long time after that!!

He is such a sunshine and I hope that he gets to the point where he’s happy with himself again. He worked so hard during the promotions for Skydive and then again for Wake Me Up so he should be proud as he’s come so far since debut and he’s a pivotal role in the group.

bap khc gif

Daehyun (Jung Dae Hyun, 정대현) – born June 28 1993 (main vocal, face of the group)

bap jdh debut

Warrior (debut) era – always been beautiful and always will be. He looks good in any hair colour and his face is just….

bap jdh wake me up

Wake Me Up (current comeback) era – see what I mean?! EVER SO HANDSOME DAE!!!

Daehyun is the definition of chic! He’s always the most classiest dressed member and he suits that concept so well. I would also class him (and sometimes Himchan as well) as the actor of the group because of his excellent work in Skydive. Because of this actor title, a huge amount of chic-ness gets carried over.

He’s another member that is extremely good at being effortlessly sexy. I don’t know if its because of his lips, but dear god is he sexy.

He’s one of the talkers in the group – well, he talks a lot and is very loud. But he’s also the laugher of the group. He’s always the first to jump in with his little giggle overtime someone does something hilarious or if he’s embarrassed or uncomfortable, which I find so cute.

He is by far, THE most attractive person I have ever seen in real life. In an earlier post, the BTS Part 2.2, I said that Jin was one of the most attractive people. He’d be number one if only I hadn’t already seen Daehyun live. I don’t know what it was that made me start thinking like this though. He’s not my bias in any way but it must’ve been his dark blonde hair he sported at the concert that just really affected me. His skin was impossibly beautiful and he knew how to work the cameras that were filming him. Unfortunately I don’t remember him from hi-touch but I think that’s for a reason. I can’t imagine seeing someone like him less than 1m in front of me in real life so I think my brain blacked out to protect myself.

His voice blows me away every time I hear it and it’s my favourite things about Daehyun. How he can sing so high and be in charge of the high notes in the group gives me goosebumps but I know he’s had some hard times with fulfilling expectations. During their hiatus, I know Daehyun has said that he turned to alcohol to get away from everything and he even apologised to the other members for how he had acted. It breaks my heart to know that my favourite idols have struggles like this but it also reminds me that they’re people too. Whatever happens, we must always remember that they too are human, their lives just revolve around pleasing us fans and we mustn’t ever take it for granted.

bap jdh gif

Youngjae (Yoo Young Jae, 유영재) – born January 24 1994 (lead vocalist)

bap yyj debut

Warrior (debut) era – Youngjae has been killing us all with those lips of his since debut!

bap yyj wake me up

Wake Me Up (current comeback) era – the lips, the eyes, the FACE! He’s a beautiful beautiful man!

To me Youngjae is a dork. In every sense of the word. Due to him being one of the talkers, I think he might even be the loudest of the lot, he goes out of his way to be funny. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – hence the title of dork.

He’s one of the best singers in the group and I think he’s one of the members that has improved the most. His voice in songs like Coma and Voice Message gives me the goosebumps.

He’s also very close to getting the title of being the most chic. Although not as much as Dae, Youngjae can work a suit better than anyone else in the group.

He also has some really great fan service. At the concert he was always trying to get the audience to participate in their songs and also to get us to scream. He had a solo stage where he sang Slow Motion by Trey Songz which was totally inappropriate. He gave us some serious body rolls while wearing a choker, which I feel was MADE FOR HIM!, and we couldn’t help but lose our shit. He was the third member I remember at hi-touch as he was the first one. He was so happy and seemed like he was really positive. My friend and I were part of the last third of fans and the fact that he was still so positive and happy blew my mind after he’d already been the same way for such a long time.

He’s one of the cutest members of the group as well, his aegyo is so good. So with his funniness, his voice and his dorkiness, Youngjae is just pure sunshine!

bap yyj gif

Jongup (Moon Jongup, 문종업) – born February 6 1995 (main dancer, vocal)

bap mju debut

Warrior (debut) era – he showed us how good he is a dancing right from the first time we saw him at debut

bap mju wake me up

Wake Me Up (current comeback) era – although I wouldn’t call it a glow-up, Jongup has only gotten better and better with each and every comeback

Jongup is one of the quietest of the group. It may be because he’s one of the youngest or because that’s just his personality but I feel like his shyness is one of the things I love about him the most.

More recently he’s been coming out of his shell more and more, which I love, as he’s become a bit of a savage! He still isn’t a big talker but when he does contribute to conversations it’s always with something funny or something particularly savage about the other members.

The fact that he was such a main character in the Skydive MV was amazing! He got to try acting like a psycho which is actually a really good look for him! He was also able to get his shine on in Wake Me Up due to how many lines he had. I’m so happy that they started showing him as not only a great dancer but also as an amazing singer. His solo Now is also extremely beautiful!

He’s an amazing dancer and I loved how he got to dance solo in Skydive as it played into the craziness of his character.

Jongup is without a doubt my second bias in B.A.P. I don’t know why or when it happened but I think it has a lot to do with the Young Wild and Free music video. That video was the first I ever saw and the song is my favourite, Jongup in this particular MV messed me up. The grey anime hair, his aggressive and power voice in his verses and his dancing made me fall in love with him.

I have had a lot of favourite comebacks for Jongup in particular, more than any of the other members. Most of them being recent comebacks, although Badman and Rain Sound messed me up more than I thought they would. My favourites are That’s My Jam, Wake Me Up but mostly Skydive. There was just something about him acting like a crazy person, with his blue-black hair and the tattoos that really did it for me.

Regardless of how much he affects me and how much I love him, he is just a cute and shy boy who needs all the protection in the world!

bap mju gif

Zelo (Choi Jun Hong, 최준홍) – born October 15 1996 (rapper, lead dancer, maknae)

bap z debut

Warrior (debut) era – look how young he was!! He’s one of the youngest debuts in a boy group – until SM came out with NCTDREAM. Just look at his noodle hair!!!

bap z wake me up

Wake Me Up (current comeback) era – even though he’s a man now, whenever I see him I still see him as the little cutie with ramyeon hair!

Yes, he is the maknae and I have never seen him as anything else. While GOT7s Yugyeom has been given the title of Giant Maknae, which is totally correct!, I fell like Zelo should be called the Giant Maknae. If you look at any photos of him next to the rest of the members his height, as well as his general build, is enormous in comparison.

Zelo is very similar to Jongup: very quiet but a fantastic dancer! As I mentioned in Part 3.1, both boys contribute to the choreography of Feel So Good which was awesome.

He is one of the quietest and will always be super quiet but I feel that his presence on stage balances this personality trait of his out. He’s got this monster vibe about him whenever he’s performing, from his fast and tight rapping to his incredible dancing ability.

His relationships with his hyungs is also really cute. I feel that him and Yongguk have a particularly adorable relationship, I don’t know why but I feel like they’d be super close.

As I mentioned at the start of Zelo’s part, I’ve never seen him as anything except the maknae. Well, that was a lie. My opinions changed when I saw them live. He came out for a solo and he did three different-styled dances and tore up the stage with each and every one. My favourite two were The Weeknd’s Can’t Feel My Face and Zayn Malik’s Pillow Talk. He was just so sexy!! But I almost had a heart attack when he started humping and grinding on the stage when performing Pillow Talk! I have footage of that very moment and although you can hear the rest of the crowd screaming, my screams of fear and panic are the loudest.

He’s also messed me up in Confession which has ultimately made me think of him differently in their recent stuff. In Confession he doesn’t even sound like him! When I first heard this song, I thought it was Yongguk featuring someone else. But then I realised it was actually Zelo who was rapping and I got goosebumps immediately!! He also has traces of this new rapping voice in his verse in Wake Me Up.

But when he’s not performing, I will always think of him as the cute little baby!

bap z gif

I love these boys so much, the way they are individually but also together. They have a lot of fun and although they can be hectic sometimes, you can’t deny their love and passion for what they do and also each other.

Watching them band together during their hard times as a group and individually is what every fan wants to see. Not only does it show their camaraderie and brotherhood, but it also shows their love for their fans.

Bye guys!


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