My Favourite Groups – Part 4.1

Continuing on with this series of my favourite groups the rest of the groups I’ll be mentioning will be in no particular order. The first three groups, GOT7, BTS and B.A.P are all clear favourites of mine – they’re in a league of their own in my books. The rest of the groups I’ll be mentioning aren’t as high up as those top three but they’re still my favs!

For Part 4, I’ll be talking about a group that’s only just recently come out of their rookie period. Some people may call them rookies but I think they’re beyond that right now. This group is none other than MONSTA X!


Like previous posts, Part 4.1 will be a brief over view of their back catalogue. Because they are newish, their back catalogue is not as long so it won’t be too long of a post. Unfortunately, Part 4.2 will still probably be quite long as I can’t help but gush with love at these little babies!

I first came across MONSTA X by accident. Due to being a total YouTube addict, they came up on my suggested videos list. They’d suggested watching their show MONSTA X RIGHT NOW, so I did – before I’d heard any of their songs! Once I’d watched the first episode, I was sold! I’d already found a bias and I was already knee deep into this fandom.

Soon after finishing RIGHT NOW, I realised they’d been on a survival reality show, NO MERCY. Once I’d watched that, and cried my eyes out btw, my like for them had turned into a deep love. Once NO MERCY was finished….well, then I moved onto their MVs and the rest is history.

One of the things I love about MONSTA X is their ability to be so consistent. Since they debuted their music has stayed in the same lane which I think is refreshing! I find a lot of groups tend to jump between genres, which I do like don’t get me wrong. It’s just nice to have a group every now and then that know the kind of group they are and have a clear direction they’re wanting to go. They’ve also been extremely consistent with their choreography as they have a lot of really talented dancers.

Debut: Tresspass and Rush 2014 – 2015

MONSTA X debuted through Starship Entertainment at the end of 2013 running into 2014 through the survival program No Mercy. They’d already started getting fans through the show even before debut with songs being released prior to debut and also being a part of endorsement deals.

Their debut song Trespass was released in May as well as their debut album called Trespass.

mx debut

Their first album has some really great songs on it that featured a mixture of hiphop and electronic/dance with elements of hiphop – the style that they’re mostly linked with now. My favourite part of this debut, other than the song, was actually the dancing. I’ve always maintained that MONSTA X has the most strong and masculine dancing around. Although there are a lot of groups who do have this “masculinity” to their dancing, MONSTA Xs dance moves show pure power!

My favourite songs on this album are Trespass, Blue Moon and Interstellar. All three showcase how good they are with a great rapper-line and an impressive vocal-line.

Although this concept suits them well, their more recent comebacks have been a lot more suited for them. I don’t know if they’ve headed in the direction that they initially intended but either way it’s a great direction that no other groups have gone into.

Their next comeback was in September with title track Rush on their new mini album Rush. Once again, this comeback featured the same vibe – a catchy song with great dancing.

mx rush

Rush is so catchy and has some really cute dancing. Although it does follow in the same kind of direction as Trespass, it feels a little less hiphop. The MV is a lot lighter and happy than Trespass’  which was a good thing to see. It looked like the members had a lot of fun filming this MV as there were a lot of funny scenes in it.

This EP is one of my favourites from MONSTA X as there are a lot of great songs on here. They released MVs for Hero and Perfect GirlHero is actually the first MV thumbnail that I’d ever seen of MONSTA Xs. You know the one I’m talking about – Shownu pulling up his shirt on a rooftop…. yeah, that one! The MV for Perfect Girl was a self made MV, which was really nice. Although there were parts in it that gave me mini heart attacks at times, the fact that they shot it themselves on their own personal cameras was really cute. They’ve done it recently again as well which is really nice – I think it shows their connection and consideration toward their fans.

My absolute favourite song of MONSTA Xs is on this album and it is Broken Heart. I don’t know why I decided to listen to this song but as soon as I heard the piano at the start of it I was sold. Their vocals are absolutely stunning in this song as it showcases all members and the rapper line also does some really nice and emotional things in here as well.

The Clan 2.5 Lost, The Clan 2.5 Guilty: 2016

MONSTA Xs third mini album The Clan 2.5: Lost was released in May with their title track All In.

mx all in

All In is another song that is very typical of MONSTA X. It’s a dance based song but slower than any of their earlier releases. It was also the first time that they’d introduced us to the mindfuck that was their trilogy story – The Clan Series. I don’t know what was happening and I still don’t get it. It’s just too confusing!

Regardless of what it was about, the whole concept was really cool and suited them perfectly. Although All In isn’t my favourite song by them this EP had one of my all time favourite songs on it. And this song is Stuck. They let out a MV for this song as well and it was for us fans, us Monbebe. Everything about this song is what I love about MONSTA X. The song was great because it built really well and their styling was exceptional. But their choreo for this song in particular is my favourite choreo they’ve ever done. I think it’s by far their most intense and hardcore choreo to date and you can’t help but acknowledge each and every one of the members for their efforts and success with this mini-comeback.

They came back in early October with their fourth mini album and their second part to The Clan Series, The Clan 2.5 Lost with title track Fighter.

mx fighter

Fighter was another song that played into not only their usual vibe but also gave us  more hints to their Clan Series storyline. I was still confused when watching the MV but the song itself was a lot more theatrical than I ever heard them do. The song literally sounds like what the word fighter actually means.

My favourite songs on this album are Be Quiet and White Love – both songs almost complete polar opposites of each other. Be Quiet is a heavy dance/electronic-hiphop song and White Love is a sensitive, emotional and ballad-type song. Both songs are great and I love that they have the ability to posses both sides.

They also let out a MV for White Love which was interesting. It didn’t seem like a song they’d want to let out as an official MV but it was a lot more adorable than I thought it would be. Not only was it soft and exactly what I thought it would be but rappers Jooheon and I.M sang…. I’m extremely soft for rappers that dabble in singing. I can’t help it!!

The Clan 2.5 The Final Chapter and Shine Forever: 2017

In March 2017 they released their first full album and their final instalment to their Clan Series with The Clan 2.5 The Final Chapter with their title track Beautiful.

mx beautiful

Everything about this concept is my favourite. From the song, to the promo photos, to the styling, to the album – everything about it is amazing.

There aren’t enough words that I can find at 1.45am – the time I’m typing this – that can explain how much I love Beautiful. Once again, the song played into the same genre that we’re used to but what was different about this song in particular was the vocals in the chorus. Kihyun often sings the higher parts in the chorus but for this song he ends up going lower. I don’t know if I’m explaining this properly but go and listen to the song and you’ll know what I mean. This song is absolutely beautiful and the whole thing was amazing.

I wish that they’d won #1 for this song and this concept because I think it’s a lot higher quality than anything they’ve ever done before. The choreo was so amazing and so perfect that it took my breath away when I first watched it.

There are a lot of really good songs on this album, but my favourites other than Beautiful are Oi, Ready or Not and 5:14 (Last Page). The whole album fits really well together and I’m so proud of them for coming so far in such a short time!

In June 2017, they release a repackaged album of The Final Chapter called Shine Forever with their title track Shine Forever.

mx shine forever

This new album features the same tracks from the original plus two new tracks Shine Forever and Gravity.

This new song and album was released the day after their first ever world tour Beautiful in Seoul.

I have to admit – I haven’t heard this song just yet. It’s 100% my fault and 100% on purpose. I haven’t been able to do any reactions for the last few months so theres a lot of songs that I haven’t watched yet due to this. I know thats no excuse but its the only one I have unfortunately.

I told you this was going to be a short post but it was totally imperative to do it. Through doing these posts I’ve been able to realise how far my favourite groups have come since their debut. Although I love all their earlier songs a lot I’m really liking their current stuff more and more each and every comeback.

For me MONSTA X hasn’t reached their peak yet so I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen! I’m sad that they haven’t won anything on any music shows yet but I’m praying that it happens soon. I know they can’t help but be upset that they haven’t been recognised for their effort yet so fingers crossed it happens ASAP!

Bye guys!


4 thoughts on “My Favourite Groups – Part 4.1

  1. I don’t like Monsta X’s music that much apart from ‘Dramarama’, but the group has some pretty cool MVs. Stranger Things references are the way to my heart, even if the song is meh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • To be honest Fighter wasn’t my favourite song of theirs but the Stranger Things intro spoke to me immensely. I think what really sold them for me was their survival programme No Mercy and just watching all their MNET shows. To me, they’re he dark horse of new era idols and I love the fact that they’ve finally got a #1 for Dramarama

      Liked by 1 person

      • I feel like this first win will allow them to do a lot more things now. Regardless of what agency a group is under, the pride of a first win is forever a memory and I’m so happy they’ve finally had theirs. I’ll forever be overly biased of my favourite groups but with MX I’m a little more so. They’re in their 2-3rd year and they haven’t complained once nor shown Monbebes any hint of them being tired or unhappy. They’ve just been doing their thing and being happy. I’m overly proud that their fans could repay them with that win 😊


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