My Favourite Groups – Part 4.2

So it’s time to move on to the reasons why I love each and every member of MONSTA X. For this post specifically I’ll be referring to them as MX – just purely out of laziness :):):)

Each and every one of the members have a special place in my heart for different reasons. All members should be equally appreciated as without any of them the group wouldn’t be the same. They all have different personalities therefore they all have different roles in the group.

Because they are such a new group it’s still fun finding out new things each and every MV or clip on VLive/YouTube comes out.

I obviously have a bias in MX but there are a couple members that try to come for my #1 spot, something that I love to no end!

So here we go – head first into the craziness that is MONSTA X and how I became so in love with each member.

Shownu (Son Hyun Woo, 손현우) – born June 18 1992 (leader, dancer, vocal)

mx shownu debut

Trespass (debut) era – his skin/melanin makes me soft. I just cannot – the skin, the talent, the eyebrows… DEATH!

mx shownu shine forever

Shine Forever (current comeback) era – still handsome, still has the skin/melanin, the talent and the eyebrows…. STILL DYING!

Shownu is hilarious! And not in the same way as the other members. The other members like to call him a robot as he very rarely shows any kind of emotion on his face – this is the reason why I find him hilarious!

He’s definitely “the dad” of the group as I think he’s the most ‘manly/masculine’ member of the lot. Although Wonho’s muscles and chest size are on the larger side, Shownu is more lean but he has the air of authority about him. This quality is imperative for a leader and I think he does it so well. Although I’ve never really seen him tell off the other members he gives off a kind of chill and calm aura about him which in turn would no doubt affect the other members.

I’d say he’s the quietest member of the whole group. I’ve read that he’s in his head quite a lot which would probably explain this. Recently though, he’s started to emerge as a variety king. I don’t know if he’s just started to get super confident due to how many variety shows he’s been on by himself or not but whatever it is, KEEP DOING IT! He’s started to get more comfortable in himself and it shows through every show he’s been on. Yet another reason why I find him hilarious – because he genuinely is!

He’s the best dancer in the group and always has been. When we first see him in their survival reality show No.Mercy, he’s highlighted as the top of the top. Vocally, he’s one of the best and dancing-wise, he’s the best they have.

I also found it interesting that he was a trainee at JYP before moving to Starship. As soon as I saw the GOT7 babies show up in episode one of No.Mercy I almost lost my shit. To think that someone that’s so genuinely talented as him could’ve debuted through JYP blows my mind. Moving to Starship was a great move for him as I don’t think that he would’ve fit in JYPs style.

To me, Shownu is an absolute softie, fluff-ball. He’s got a type of gentle spirit that you can’t help but see in everything he’s in.

mx shownu gif

Wonho (Shin Ho Seok, 신호석) – born March 1 1993 (vocal, dancer)

mx wonho debut

Trespass (debut) era – although I do miss his black hair, he will forever mess me up regardless of what comeback it is. Just…urgh I find it hard to deal with him on a daily basis

mx wonho shine forever

Shine Forever (current comeback) era – to me, he will be forever shining!

Wonho is my #1 bias in MX. I knew it from the first episode of the first thing I ever saw of him – MX Right Now. There was something about his super pale skin, his lips and his damn hair that I found hard to look away from.

I would kind of class Wonho as “the mom” of the group although I think a couple of the other members share that role with him. He’s the sensitive one of the group who is always the first one to cry which breaks my heart. There has been a lot of times, on shows, on VLives and in MVs where Wonho has been crying. To me, although he’s buff, he’s an absolute softie – probably the softest of the whole group. I love that about a male – being unafraid to show emotions. Every time I see him cry I can’t help but be affected by it as well.

Like I mentioned in Shownu’s part, Wonho is pure muscle. To me, his body type is my favourite. Although I could care less about the abs, my kink is chest/back. If you’ve got a big chest or back you’re immediately my favourite. But to be honest I didn’t even know he was that ripped until I saw him with his shirt off, NUMEROUS TIMES, in No.Mercy and by that point he was already my bias. So it was an added bonus I guess.

He has a super sweet voice that I sometimes used to get confused with Shownu’s. I don’t have that problem any more but there’s something about Wonho’s voice that is completely recognisable. He tends to have a kind of speech impediment/lisp. The members and he himself have talked about this and I find it adorable. Because of his different voice I can pick him out in a heartbeat whenever I hear MX songs.

He’s one of the cutest members in the group as well but he has the ability to switch it to 100% R-rated sexiness in a split second. I just wish that he’d stop giving me heart attacks every time he takes his shirt off in performances.

mx wonho gif

Minhyuk (Lee Min Hyuk, 이민혁) – born November 3 1993 (vocal, face of the group)

mx minhyuk debut

Trespass (debut) era – Minyuk is without a doubt the closest lookalike to Peter Pan that I have ever seen. He’s like a hyper little pixie man!

mx minhyuk shine forever

Shine Forever (current comeback) era – I swear he hasn’t aged at all. While some of the other members have gained weight/lost weight, Minhyuk has stayed the same the whole time. Which again highlights the fact that he’s no regular human being – he’s a pixie!

Minhyuk is the sunshine of MX. He’s the loudest, the most hyper and the positive mood maker of the group. He’s so known for it that Wonho has even mentioned that when he’s sad or feeling down he’ll go out of his way to be around Minhyuk.

He’s also the MC of the group – in the same way that BTS’ Suga is. He’s extremely good at speaking and presents himself very well. He’s very confident and sure of who he is and how best to represent the group. He’s great at figuring out how best to bring each member out of the shells which I think is a pivotal role in a group.


Although he’s not an overly talented dancer like Shownu or a crazy vocalist like Kihyun, Minhyuk’s role in the group is equally important. He’s never been a bias for me but I almost felt like he was trying to bias wreck me all through their Beautiful promotions. I don’t know if it was just the styling for that particular comeback but he was out for blood and I was about ready to give it to him!

mx minhyuk gif

Kihyun (Yoo Ji Hyun, 유기현) – born November 22 1993 (main vocal)

mx kihyun debut

Trespass (debut) era – there’s just something about Kihyun’s face that makes me feel attacked. I don’t know if it’s because of his pale skin or just him in general but he’s managed to worm his way into my bias list for sure

mx kihyun shine forever

Shine Forever (current comeback) era – he’s lost a lot of weight and I hate it. Although from fancams from their most recent concert he revealed his abs (WHICH MADE ME GO CRAZY BTW!) but I prefer him before. I’m worried about it a little bit 😦

Kihyun first got my attention through their Right Now show on 1theK as he seemed to be like the one that ruined everyones fun. I love members who either have permanent stank-face or ones that go out of their way to make the vibe a little ‘stale’. And Kihyun is perfect at it.

Up until this point he wasn’t a bias of mine. Until I saw him sing Hyeya on No.Mercy. The whole time he was singing I was covered in goosebumps and my eyes even started to well up. Although he didn’t have the best voice I’ve ever heard his ability to use it so well is undeniable. It’s to the point where he has my favourite voice in MX.

There were a few comebacks that pushed Kihyun further back in my bias list and brought other members ahead of him but he always tends to fight his way back. When he was set in stone as one of my biases was in their Stuck MV. There was something about his hair colour, his UNDERCUT and the fact that he was front and centre for a lot of their choreography blew my mind. He’s one of the main reasons why Stuck is one of my favourite songs MX has ever done.

His lines in Beautiful are my favourite as well. Like I mentioned in Part 4.1, the fact that he decided to sing lower when you’d think he would’ve gone higher made the song better for me. He’s always one of the main vocals for their chorus’ but his part in Beautiful made that chorus my favourite of any and all MX songs.

mx kihyun gif

Hyungwon (Choi Hyung Won, 채형원) – born January 15 1994 (vocal, dancer, visual)

mx hyungwon debut

Trespass (debut) era – his visuals are no joke. Like serious. No. Joke.

mx hyungwon shine forever

Shine Forever (current comeback) era – he’s a little skinnier now than what he was but he will forever be a visual sent from heaven

Hyungwon is still a bit of a question mark for me in the way that I don’t quite know how to feel about him just yet. I don’t know if he affects me like the rest of the other members do but his role as the unexpected meme king has me laughing every time I see any gifs of him. His expressions and his body language are just perfect for the title as Meme Lord.

He’s a giant. Not overly tall but his height plus his skinniness makes him look even taller. As you would expect with someone that has a face like his paired with his height and skinniness, he used to be a model.

Although not vocally strong – in comparison to Shownu or Kihyun – his dancing is exceptional. All the strong dancers in MX are different than each other which is a cool dynamic when watching their choreo MVs or any of their live stages. He’s had some really cool dances on their YouTube channel that I think everyone should check out. Once you’ve seen them you’ll realise how talented he is.

I feel like he is the member that is the least used. As I mentioned before, he’s not the strongest vocally but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s still got a nice and sweet voice. He doesn’t even really get a lot of time to shine through dancing either which annoys me to no end. He’s another member that needs to get his shine on and be appreciated for his talents rather than only his face all the time.

mx hyungwon gif

Jooheon (Lee Ho Joon, 이호준) – born October 6 1994 (main rapper)

mx jooheon debut

Trespass (debut) era – the monster rookie himself!

mx jooheon shine forever

Shine Forever (current comeback) era – monster IDOL!

If there was one member in MX that perfectly encompasses what being a ‘monster” is… Jooheon is most definitely the answer. I almost feel like the group was made around him as he fits their running concepts the most.

The first time I ever saw him was on Show Me the Money and I was upset that he didn’t make it very far. Not because of his lack of talent, believe me, but because the person he was going against through 1vs1 was better.

The raw power of his voice blows my mind every time I hear it to the point where I regularly get goosebumps. How it took him so long to debut is beyond me because even before debut Jooheon was already acknowledged as a professional and that he didn’t need any more training. He was ready to go!

As aggressive and rough as his voice is he is the member with the most aegyo. And not just in the group. I think he’s got the most aegyo out of all current idols. Although some of them have effortless aegyo, Jooheons self-made aegyo makes me soft faster than anything else out there. These polar opposites of his personality are the perfect additions to the group and I can’t imagine him not a part of it. His dimples also make him overly adorable. The high voice plus these dimples make me want to die!

He’s very much like Minhyuk – he’s got vibes of being the mood maker of the group, though not as intense as Minhyuk. He’s very fun and full of energy. His friendship with GOT7s Jackson makes me so happy I can’t deal with it. Those two massive personalities together must be absolute havoc.

mx jooheon gif

I.M (Lim Chang Kyun, 임창균) – born January 26 1996 (lead rapper, maknae)

mx im debut

Trespass (debut) era – the fact that I.M came in as a new member and was able to debut just shows how talented he is

mx im shine forever

Shine Forever (current comeback) era – I.M is an undercover bias for me just waiting in the shadows to ruin my life

Like I mentioned under the first photo, I.M was brought in as a new contender for debut. In their show No.Mercy  I.M was brought in to be a new contender for debut half-way through the show. As you can imagine the rest of the boys weren’t happy about it and they isolated I.M for a little while. Watching this, I couldn’t help but be sad and cry about it. Maybe that’s why he was one of my first MX biases.

He’s not as strong as Jooheon in rapping but he has a deep and stable voice that Jooheon doesn’t have. Where Jooheon raps aggressively, I.M raps calmly and his diction is one of my favourite things about him. His voice makes him seem like he’s the eldest in the group for sure.

Although he sounds older, he is the maknae. He does act like the maknae sometimes but not in an overly playful kind of way. To me, he’s the funniest in the group. He’s extremely witty and uses that as his own kind of personal aegyo for the older members. He’s also very comfortable around girls WHICH I LOVE. I hate that you don’t see a lot of fraternising between male/female groups so whenever I see girls talking about I.M or him talking to girls, my poor noona heart goes crazy.

As I mentioned earlier, the fact that he was able to debut with being the newest addition to No.Mercy speaks volumes for the amount of talent and charisma he actually has.

mx im gif

The boys of MONSTA X are all extremely talented and extremely important. They are long over due for awards on both music shows and the big end of year shows like MAMA and MMA. Their determination and hard work will no doubt pay off in the long run but I sincerely hope it happens sooner rather than later. I know they’ve had a hard time with staying positive over this issue so I wish for them that it happens quickly.

Bye guys!


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Groups – Part 4.2

  1. I freaking love Monsta X. And I agree that all the members are cool but without a doubt my fave is Kihyun. That’s been the case since I heard his acoustic version of The Tiger Moth, from the Shopping King Louie ost. Have you heard it?

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