My Favourite Groups – Part 5.2

Now to move on to my favourite things about the boy wonders that are WINNER. Due to being consistent with the rest of my posts and also with being super thorough, I will not be talking about Nam Taehyun. Which upsets me, I could speak for days about the reasons why I love him but as he’s no longer a part of the group – I must keep quiet.

This is the first group I’ve mentioned that I have a strict #1 bias and there is no second or third etc. I will talk about him when I get there but I’ve been very set on him since I first saw him on WIN. Unfortunately, due to my fangirling and growing love for this member, I never gave the rest of the members a chance. But I can still appreciate each and every member, just probably not it the same way. Let’s see if you can figure out who my bias is hahaha

So like earlier posts, this part will be all about why I love the members of WINNER and why they’re such an important and valued group. I will start from the eldest and work my way through to the maknae (waaaaah it’s not Nam Taehyun any more!!!)

Jinwoo (Kim Jin Woo, 김진우) – born September 26 1991 (vocal, visual)

winner jinwoo win

Who Is Next: WIN (pre-debut) era – believe it or not, it was hard for me to find any photos of Jin Woo from their debut era. When I tried to search online they kept bringing up photos of Mino. So I’m just going to use WIN photos, ok?

winner jinwoo fate number for

Fool (current comeback) era – he’s one of the strongest visuals in a K-Pop group I’ve ever seen. He’ll forever be handsome!!

You’d never guess that Jinwoo is the eldest of the group. I’ve found out over time that the eldest usually looks/acts like the maknae and the maknae looks/acts like the hyung. Jinwoo looks like a little boy!! But also holds a kind of chic and overly handsome vibe as well. He’s the visual of the group which I would have to agree with. His massive eyes are completely out of this world!! I would liken him to BTS’ Jin, as their visuals are way to ridiculous, especially seeing as they’re both the eldest in the group.

He may be the hyung but his aegyo is levels above the rest of the members – aside from the rare occasion Mino decides to rip it out of nowhere. For me, Jinwoo has effortless aegyo. His voice is generally quite soft while speaking so I think that plays in to the “cute” vibe he carries around all the time.

My favourite thing about Jinwoo is his ridiculous laugh. Although not overly weird or loud, he just makes weird noises – WHICH I LOVE!! If you should take anything away from any of the posts I’ve made so far, take away the fact that I love a good laugh. I’m an extremely loud laugher so I tend to fall in love with peoples laughs first.

Although all members work extremely hard, I feel that Jinwoo has been known to work the hardest. There have been a few times when I’ve seen him practicing his lyrics over and over again as he takes the longest to memorise lyrics.

Do you all remember that episode of WIN when Team A and Team B went to JYP to compete with their trainees?? (This is the episode that we were first introduced to the members that would soon become GOT7 and DAY6. Oh! And we were also introduced to Jackson’s neck!) In this episode Jinwoo and the other vocalists from Team A had to sing a JYP song. And he forgot his lyrics!! IN FRONT OF JYP!! When he cried in embarrassment in the interview afterwards I couldn’t help but cry with him. Not only imagining his feelings on what’d happened but the fact that HE was so upset at himself.

Although members like Seunghoon and Mino are really good, WINNER isn’t known as a dance group. But the way that their choreographer and Seunghoon get them to dance really suits them. The best examples I can give for this is through their choreography for their most recent comeback. Their fun and simplistic dance moves for Really Really with their minor and contemporary moves in Fool suit them extremely well. In the Really Really dancing I couldn’t help but look at Jinwoo. The dancing suited him so well!!

His voice is so angelic! It so soft and delicate which gives a type of emotion to the song that no other member can do. While you have Seungyoon’s strong voice full of impact, Jinwoo’s voice compliments his perfectly. It’s almost like he’s whispering his lyrics sometimes!

He’s just a little positive ball of sunshine and you can’t help but develop feelings of protection towards him!

winner jinwoo gif

Seunghoon (Lee Seung Hoon, 이승훈) – born January 11 1992 (rapper, main dancer)

winner sh win

Who Is Next: WIN (pre-debut) era – he was known from his reality survival show before now but he was always known as one of the best dancers

winner sh fate number for

Fool (current comeback) era – this is by far my favourite era for Seunghoon. He really suits the vibe of both songs and also the styling as well

Seunghoon is the only member in WINNER that I haven’t felt particularly attacked by. There are times when I think he’s about to come for me but it never fully gets there. In saying this, I can’t disregard how talented he is and how pivotal he is in the group.

He’s the clown of the group. I always find him to be the most energetic in the group when they’re doing interviews and he’s a good talker. I wouldn’t go the whole way and say he’s the mood maker – this role I think is shared between all members – but he brings a huge amount of drama and energy to the group.

So yeah, he’s the drama queen hahaha. Go and look at any interview of them, particularly the one’s from Weekly Idol and you’ll see it! He’s extremely funny and has the most amazing ability to laugh at himself.

He’s not the strongest rapper of the two – for me, Mino takes the whole bloody cake! – but he’s come so far since we first really saw him in WIN. In the first episode, I think, YG kept telling him that he had to sort out his accent while rapping. I can still hear his satoori when he raps now which is a positive rather than a negative. It shows his different rapping style joined with his higher-toned voice. Having both Seunghoon and Mino as rappers in the same group works really well as they compliment each other perfectly.

My favourite thing about Seunghoon is his ability to dance. He’s definitely the best in the group and I love how he still manages to show his passion and love for it whenever you see him perform. He did the choreography for Really Really and I’ve already mentioned how much I love it. It fit the song perfectly and it was simple enough that all members could execute it in their own styles.

winner sh gif

Mino (Song Min Ho, 송민호) – born March 30 1993 (rapper, face of the group)

winner smh win

Who Is Next: WIN (pre-debut) era – Oh, Mino…. just…. MINO!!

winner smh fate number for

Fool (current comeback) era – Again…. Oh, Mino!

So ahhh, yeah Mino’s my bias. Could you tell?? I’ll try and keep this short out of fairness for the other three members but I can’t promise that I can contain my excitement and intense love for him…

Mino is a bloody genius!

Initially, he was assigned to be Team A’s leader but was swapped out for Seungyoon halfway through the show. To me, Mino would’ve been a fantastic leader but I totally understand and respect YG’s decision to change. I feel that if he hadn’t done it, the group wouldn’t be the same that they are now.

I find his face extremely attractive. He’s got such beautiful skin, kind eyes, great teeth and HIS MELANIN LORD!! I have two kinks in K-Pop: seeing foreheads and melanin. I really wish that fansites would stop whitewashing their favourite idols. I know it’s a fashion-esque thing in Asian countries but they need to stop! Doing this only causes the idols as well as fans to hate their appearance. To me, Mino’s melanin is one of the most attractive things about him for me. So stop it!

As I’ve mentioned above, Mino isn’t the best dancer but he’s still really really good. I wish with all my heart that they’d let him dance more as he brings a kind of coolness and swag to the dancing. I’d liken his vibe to MONSTA Xs Jooheon as they’re both fierce rappers but they can break it down as well.

His voice is one of my absolute favourite voices that I look for in a rapper – he’s a close second behind my absolute fav, B.A.Ps Bang Yongguk. I love a deep, husky and aggressive voice and Song Mino has all of those qualities. From his audition right up until his last performance on Show Me the Money 4 was fantastic. My favourite song that he performed on the show was Fear which featured Taeyang. Not only was his voice very powerful but the emotional words he was rapping was what took it beyond all expectations for me.

While Jinwoo has effortless aegyo, Mino has incredible aegyo when he wants to. There’s a couple times he does it on Weekly Idol and my poor heart can’t deal with it. He’s pretty shameless when it comes to doing it as well maybe because he knows how good he is at it. Either way – I CANNOT DEAL!

He’s extremely talented lyric-wise. Just from his solo song Body that he did through collaboration MOBB, you can’t deny his lyrical genius. When you think he’s rapping “I’m talking ’bout your mom” he’s actually talking about ‘your body’. When he’s “talking ’bout your daddy” he’s actually talking about ‘your legs’….. LYRICAL GENIUS!! That song in general has a lot of adult themes so I don’t know what he’s trying to do to me, but I like it and hate it at the same time!

winner smh gif

Seunghoon (Kang Seung Yoon, 강승윤) – born January 21 1994 (leader, main vocal, maknae)

winner ksy win

Who Is Next: WIN (pre-debut) era – He kind of looks like a baby but dear god does he have the voice of a fully grown man!

winner ksy fate number for

Fool (current comeback) era – he’s lost his baby fat, even lost some weight in general but this blonde hair suits him so much. My favourite comeback for him so far!

Since Taehyun left Seungyoon has become the maknae which makes him being the leader all that much more unique. YG has said in the past that he never makes the eldest member be the leader. I can’t entirely remember why he said that but with Seungyoon now being the maknae I can’t help but wonder if he’s still happy with his decision. I also wonder how the other members deal with him being the maknae but also the leader. No doubt things can get a little awkward between them all.

I was a little confused over why he’d chosen Seungyoon to be the leader maybe because I was still salty over Mino, but in retrospect I can see why. Seungyoon had a few solo activities before WINNER had even debuted so I think that brings in some kind of experience that the other members didn’t have yet.

I find him to be pretty quiet and serious. He does have his moments of loudness like when he laughs but he’s usually pretty quiet, a quality that I think is important in a leader.

His voice is my favourite thing about Seungyoon. It’s so powerful and almost crosses the line between pop and rock at times. Through his solo songs, I can sometimes find his voice a little too much to handle but through WINNER I love it! As I’ve mentioned in Jinwoo’s part, their voices compliment each other so well! The closest likeness I can think of for Seungyoon’s voice is iKon’s Junhoe. Both have thick and loud voices that really pack a punch.

I especially love Seungyoon’s voice in Fool. They’re ballad kings and when Taehyun left I couldn’t help but be anxious about how they were going to pull of the high notes. But Seungyoon does such a good job! Where Taehyun was soft and delicate with his high notes, Seungyoon is powerful and raspy. Both evoke extreme emotion but they go about it in different ways. I don’t think Fool would’ve been as good if Taehyun had done the high parts.

winner ksy gif

WINNER deserve all the fame in the world. As I mentioned at the end of Part 1, the amount of crap they’ve had to deal with has been ridiculous and I’m so happy that their last comeback went really well for them. They’re finally being recognised for their talent and uniqueness as a boy group and also as a YG group.

All I hope is that they don’t leave us for such a long time again. That year between Baby Baby and Really Really/Fool was hell for me. But if they do, no doubt they’ll come back even stronger as they keep getting better and better as time goes on!

Bye guys!


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