Reason for my absence…


I’ve been away for almost an entire month and I only have one excuse but dear god it’s a good one!!….

My laptop died hahahaha so yeah, I told you it was good!!

For some reason, my poor lappytop just wouldn’t come back to life but thank god I work in an electronic store and my boyfriend is a store man because he sent it off to get repaired and it came back within two weeks. AND I DIDN’T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING!!

So now that I’m back, I have to resume with my prescheduled plan! And that is sharing with you all the last group of my Favourite Group series. You’ll have to give me a couple days to write it but hopefully I’ll have both part .1 and part .2 up within the week.

Don’t ask me what I’m gonna do after that though hahaha. I’m still having problems with my filming reactions at the moment so I’m extremely EXTREMELY behind with all my reactions. But once I stop being lazy and start to actively figure out what’s happening with my camera then I’ll have no mercy and bombard everyone with reactions all the time.

Bye guys!


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