#BTSLoveMyself #ENDviolence

Although I did have a post ready to post up tonight, a more pressing matter has happened and I feel like I need to get all my feelings out of my system so I can properly process everything.

Around midday today, BTS held a press conference to announce they were joining forces on a global campaign with UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) – a global organisation that sets out to defend the rights of children and teens throughout the world that suffer from abuse, negligence, inequality and those suffering from poverty and natural disasters.



It was also announced that BTS have donated 500 million won towards the campaign and also that 3% of the earnings from the Love Yourself series physical album sales also. This means that those who bought the album also donated to charity without even realising. They also released a trailer for their collaboration as well.

For those of you who don’t follow BTS closely, this partnership ties into BTS recent comeback and album “Love Yourself.” As a fan, I love that both parties can overlap in such a genius way and as a human being I can’t help but be proud of everyone involved.

BTS has always represented youth, from their debut in 2013 right up until now. Their very name translates to ‘bulletproof boyscouts’, aiming to protect their generations thoughts and values from the prejudices they face. In other words – they’re the bulletproof vests for the youth. So naturally there’s a link between both UNICEF and BTS.

This year has been amazing for BTS. Not only have they won a Billboard Music Award in May but their most recent comeback has broken down barriers in the western music scene which ultimately led them to gaining a wider audience. The timing of this announcement is perfect. They’re using their fame and popularity as a platform for charity!

After watching the press conference I think it’s important to note that UNICEF didn’t go to BTS, BTS went to them once they’d established what their plan was. I’m once again floored by their sincerity and ever-caring hearts.

BTS has always had meaningful music, all members contributing to the songwriting or producing of their music who draw inspiration from their own turmoil from growing up – something that not all idol groups are doing. Going with UNICEF, aside from being an amazing idea in the first place, helps reiterate the words they’ve been saying to the world for years.

“You Never Walk Alone.”

“Love Yourself.”

“Love Myself.”

If I wasn’t a fan of BTS before, today would’ve made me one. I can’t express the amount of pride I feel for both BTS and BigHit Entertainment. As someone who’s had to deal with sexual abuse as a child my heart swells at their mission.



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