NEW Series – Coming Up!

Hey guys!

So in the process of trying to figure out what I’m going to be doing on this blog I’ve figured out a couple things:

  • All the things I will and want to be posting on this blog won’t be able to come into effect until the new year – I’m a tad neurotic when it comes to things being a little bit more orderly. The new features I’ll be including on here next year will include posting my MV reactions from YouTube, monthly reviews, album reviews and just general K-Pop related current events. But closer to January I’ll post another similar post explaining how things will (hopefully!) be working.
  • I need to sort out the order of this site – I’m going to need a new layout that will work better for me and probably have some mention of my Twitter on there as well as that tends to be the place I’m more active.

Before all those things come into effect I’ve come up with a cool lil something to do in the meantime. As I’m still new to the world of WordPress and I want people to know a little bit more about me, I’ve been inspired by someone I follow. The website is and they do a cool things called”K-Pop A-Z” and it’s based around Infinite. Everyday they write about an Infinite song depending on the order of the alphabet. It’s a really cool way to show how amazing a groups back catalogue is and why you like the song. I also think it’s a cool way to get to know someone and their taste in K-Pop.

Although I am inspired by this format, I will be doing things a little different. I won’t be dedicating this A-Z list on one group – I’ll be doing K-Pop songs in general. I’m unsure if I’ll be posting everyday like thebiaslist does but I’ll try and regularly update. Hopefully by the time we reach Z, you all would get to know me a little better and maybe I would’ve mentioned some songs that you’ve either never heard of before or you’re reminded of songs long forgotten.

I’ll have two different songs for each letter and in each post I’ll be writing a little bit about the album it comes off and just general information about when the song came out, a little bit of the song production – specifically parts of the song to listen out for – but more importantly, why I love the song. Keep in mind that it’s going to be hard for me to pick only two songs per letter (and I can already tell that X isn’t going to have anything) but I’m really going to try and do it. And they won’t necessarily be my favourites, some of them will just be songs that I really enjoy or ones I like because they’re so different from what my normal taste of song is.

(NB: I’m slowly getting into girl groups so don’t hate me for having not a lot of them on the list. There will be a couple but that’s about it. I’m slowly starting to enjoy them more than I used to so hopefully by this time next year I’ll be knee deep into the girl group obsession.)

Hopefully you guys enjoy this series and maybe there will be another similar thing I do with the alphabet.

Bye guys!




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