so umm…

Around 50minutes ago it was announced that BTS would be making their US debut by performing at the American Music Awards later on this month.

For those out there reading this, you can imagine how crazy people are going right now – not only did these same boys attended and take home a Billboard Music Award in May but now they’re booked to perform on the AMA stage. IN THE SAME YEAR!

It’s been a pretty crazy couple days for ARMYs. First, the BTSxUNICEF miracle, then word got out that some American shows had been in contact with BigHit for interviews – including The Ellen Show, which I love – but it was also reported today that MNET had to do a recount for votes towards the MAMAs due to “fake votes” which resulted in millions and millions of votes for BTS being deleted.

I may be overly biased here but I’m a little angry about that. Not that there were “fake votes” casted but the fact that MNET hasn’t yet answered the cries of the thousands of ARMYs who are demanding an explanation.

But as the Reverend Mother says in The Sound of Music when a door closes God opens a window – and that window is the American Music Awards.

My pride for these boys just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I can’t wait to see them strut their stuff down the red carpet again in a could weeks time.

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