K-Pop Songs: A – Anti by Zico feat. G.Soul

To start off this mini-series I wanted to start off strong and Anti seemed like the strongest choice. Not only is this an amazing song in general but it also came off an absolutely stellar album as well. For those of you who haven’t listened to this song or even this album you need to – not only those that enjoy Korean hiphop but just general music lovers.

ARTIST: Zico feat. G.Soul

ALBUM: Television – EP


This EP was released July 12, 2017 along with his double MV release for Artist and of course Anti. Zico is known for being extremely young but with an intense ear for production. If you need any more proof of this just watch any episode of Show Me The Money as he clearly shows how amazing he is at producing both a song that’s catchy but more so, a song that’s just down right great!

I do love this album a lot! After I watched the MVs for Artist and Anti I bought the album off iTunes immediately – I usually listen to an album on Spotify before I think about buying a digital copy. But that just shows how good both songs are.

The song starts off with radio static before G.Soul comes in with his piercing vocals before the bass of whole song starts kicking in which really sets a certain ambiance of creepiness and darkness. The gist of this song is Zico and G.Soul singing about the perspective of an anti-fan that wonders how they got famous. I also can’t help but link this song to Zico’s brief relationship with AOAs Seolhyun and those people who came at him for it.

I don’t understand the eyes that focus on you
I don’t understand the things you possess at that age
Your passionate fans, the TV programs that host you
The musicians that form around you, yo
There’s no real incentive, no reason for my hate
But my guilty conscience gets buried by the crowd
No matter what efforts you made, what sufferings you went through
Your success gave you the right to be insulted again
I’m gonna pluck the roots of your arrogance
And make your life sway
Why is she dating that unclassy delinquent?
Celebrities are blinded by the spotlights
Deafened by the applause
So they see and hear but they can’t do anything

If the song wasn’t haunting enough the MV brings a certain eeriness and weirdness that only Zico can possess. I’m a wimp in the daylight so this dark af MV pushed me over the edge which evidently forced me to forever remember this stellar comeback.

The part of this song that I love the most – aside from every time G.Soul opens his mouth – is around the 2.40 mark. Not only does the beat change up to a more bass-based song but it loses all traces of melody heard throughout the song previously. This is also the point where Zico starts rapping in a slightly more aggressive and faster manner. I find that Zico is an extremely theatrical rapper and that definitely comes in to play here as well.

Listen, the moment you made your stage name, I had to kill you
It’s your choice
If you wanna succeed, you need to be criticized, get on the chopping block
Professionals always need to smile
You need to be judged to earn popularity
How can privacy exist in a product?
This place and its consumers are king
Keep your character in check, hide your face
That’s the reason you wear hats and masks
Hatred is also interest
How much longer do you think you’ll receive good treatment bro
So be thankful to me
I’ll make you loose your way
I hope I can see you for a long time
I’ll end this now

When I found out what the translation was for this particular part I got crazy chills! The man’s a bloody genius and I’ll continue to ram this song down people throats until they enjoy it, it’s that good! Watch the MV below and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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