Why Is There So Much Negativity On K-Pop Stan Twitter?

This is no doubt going to be a topic I’ll talk a lot about on this blog but the only way that I can get passed issues like this is to talk it out – or type about it. Yesterday I had seen some tweets that were making the rounds on my timeline and I got so angry I went on a little rant on Twitter. To be honest, I did feel better after I did it. I don’t have many Twitter followers – which isn’t a problem at all – so I don’t expect a lot of people to read my Tweets. My Twitter account is mainly for myself.

To give you a little back story…

At around 5pm yesterday I was scrolling through my time line when a terrible photo crossed my path.


I don’t know if you can read the comments properly so I’ll briefly explain the context.

The comments that have been screenshot are all from different fandoms who have responded to a comment made – I’m assuming an ignorant ARMY – about the BBMA (Billboard Music Award) that BTS had won back in May 2017.

Like I said, the original comment “Y’all are going to wish you had a BBMA” must’ve been made by an ARMY – real or fake, it could be either – in a way of bragging that their favs had won an American award and other peoples hadn’t. Before I get into the responses I wanted to express my dislike of making a comment like this in the first place.

I don’t know what it is about stan twitter these days – maybe it’s the fact more international fans are involved or there’s a lot more younger and immature fans – but there’s no excuse to dangle a groups success in front of other peoples faces. Yes you can be proud but it is unacceptable to brag. I know ARMY aren’t the only fandom to do so, I just think BTS can sometimes be more of a target because they’re gaining so much momentum on an international scale at the moment so it’s easier. (I also think the fact that they’re not from The Big 3 – SM, JYP & YG – plays a part to play as well. But that’s for a completely different post.)

Now to move on to the comments. If I saw a stan twitter account tweet something like this about another group I would be upset, too. But because I’m an adult I wouldn’t even think of writing something like the commenters did. To be honest these comments aren’t even that harsh I just don’t like the fact that multiple fandoms came together to not even answer back to the original poster but aimed their responses at BTS themselves. The responses almost sound as if the award doesn’t matter, that their faves are fine with their Korean awards which ultimately nullifies the BBMA BTS won.

To all the parties involved: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

I know it might seem like I’m an ARMY defending my favourite group but as someone who is very MULTI-FANDOM I think this kind of behaviour is unnecessary and could be hurting a lot of people.

In my eyes there’s a lot of hatred out there. I don’t know if it’s from jealousy or just plain nastiness but these types of things need to stop. What give’s people the right to take away a groups hard work and dedication.

Yes, BTS won an American award. Yes, the original poster shouldn’t have made a comment like that. Yes, other fans have a right to be angry at said comment. But no, you shouldn’t respond. No, you shouldn’t brag in other peoples faces. No, you shouldn’t nullify a groups success.

Imagine for a second – your favourite group has worked hard, made sacrifices, started from the bottom. Imagine they’ve won an award that breaks all kinds of barriers and surpasses anyone’s expectations. Now imagine other people saying “… So??? Your award means nothing.” Would you not be annoyed as well?? So why do it to others??????

Again, I’m not saying this as an ARMY. I’d do the same thing if someone did the same thing towards GOT7, MONSTA X, IKON, WINNER, EXO etc… It doesn’t matter what group it is, if there’s something offensive or unnecessary on my timeline, I’m gonna defend those being attacked in an unbiased way.

I’m sick of stan twitter becoming ugly for no reason. Why write hurtful things about a group that you don’t even like? Why write comments dragging another artists work and accomplishments? What happened to supporting those around you? Is it so hard???

Because of things like that I’m almost ready to delete my Twitter account. I can’t stand people being rude and offending others without any feeling of compassion. As supporters of a genre that is constantly disregarded and made fun of, why are you over there creating problems amongst each other? Why no join together and support the genre as a whole!

I’m really sorry for my rant but I hate seeing things like this. Imagine if idols saw conversations and comments like this – which they probably do so remember that. Imagine how it’d make them feel… Would you want your ultimate group/ultimate bias to read such things? So just remember: please be nice. Don’t tear other people down. If you don’t like something, either turn the other cheek or try and respond in a mature way. There’s a huge difference between lashing out at other and just trying reason with things.

Bye guys


See said Twitter rant here:


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