K-Pop Songs: B – Broken Heart by MONSTA X

I’ve mentioned this song in my “Favourite Groups” series – MONSTA X edition – but I’m going to talk about this song in a little bit more detail. The love I have for these boys happened before I heard this song for the first time but once I did I knew I was gone forever. Yes, their upbeat banger songs are great but there’s something about how sensitive and emotional this song makes me.


ALBUM: Rush – EP


This album was released September 7 2015 and their title song Rush was a massive success that showed their likability and how much they have fun with each other. This song also showcased how catchy their title songs are which is still being carried out today. The album showed different sides to the group ranging from upbeat dance songs to slowed down ballad-type songs. Their slowest song being Broken Heart.

This song is purely accompanied by piano and as each member comes in with their tonal differences the listener is lifted entirely out of themselves into a place where you can hear the purest form of emotion and vulnerability. What I love about this song is the fact that it is so simple yet you can’t help but feel how the song keeps building the more and more you listen to it.

This song is about being in love and dealing with the struggles of losing that person. As someone who has had to deal with a suffocating type of heartbreak, I could relate to this song immensely. Even without seeing the translation – and only hearing the song along with knowing it’s called Broken Heart – my heart hurt listening to it for the first time and every time it plays on shuffle.

I won’t have it ever again
The precious times to be in love with you
But you’re in my memories
As I’m holding on, not able to forget a single moment
You used to whisper to me
But you keep getting farther away
I can’t get closer to you anymore
I can’t do this anymore
If only I could erase you,
If only I could forget you

I can still smell the scent
Of the memories at the tip of my nose
I can hear the sound of love in my ears
You keep flickering before my eyes
But now I’ll wrap it all up, bury it all down
If only I could turn back time
To when it used to be “us”
I’d go to you

I’d never wish this feeling on anyone, that never-ending feeling of wanting what is no longer there, and this song is one of the closest representations I know of that can give you that hollow feeling.

The parts I love the most in this song are Shownu’s strong instroduction, Jooheon’s extremely delicate rap, the building chorus and the songs climax at around 2.40 with Shownu and Kihyun’s vocals overlapping each other while the rest of the members join together to sing the chorus.

As I mentioned above, Monsta X’s ability to write a banger is completely validated but what I think gets overlooked is their ability to execute a heart-wrenching ballad. They have the ability to make people feel things – it’s been four years since I dealt with a similar situation yet I get pulled back to that difficult time every time I hear this song.

Unfortunately this song doesn’t have a MV, so please check out the translated video below.

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