K-Pop Songs: B – Boy by EXID

I’m putting a girl group song very early on, not to make up for the lack of girl group songs on this list but more because I love this song! Although I’m not a massive fan of EXID in general this album but more importantly this song are too amazing not to mention.


ALBUM: Eclipse – EP


Eclipse was released 10 April 2017 with their title song Night Rather Than Day. I wasn’t overly fond of this song, although the MV is beautiful, I decided to listen to the album anyway and GOD! I do have a couple favourites on the album – the solo songs by LE and Hani – but Boy was the one that I became obsessed. And when I say obsessed I mean I played this song at least three times for a month after I first listened to it.

This song starts of slow, with seemingly sporadic synth, keyboard and bass sounds. I say sporadic because the song starts off sounding very hollow as if it was going to be a ballad. Junghwa’s thin high-pitched voice start off the song well as her voice fills in the gaps left my the instrumentation. As the first verse continues you can hear the introduction of more instruments – it sounds like a double bass, maybe – which adds another dimension to the song.

The part that really gets to me is Hani’s high-ass voice singing “I don’t wanna feel like that” before the song does a total 180 and becomes this light dance, borderline dub-step, jam that makes you want to dance and sing along while still continuing with that whole empty feeling from the intro.

Typical texts at night, what’re you doing, come out
I don’t even get those anymore
All the guys who used to like me, guess they’re all somewhere else
Now I regret not doing anything about all those guys
I don’t wanna feel like that
I don’t wanna feel like

I need I need a boy

Although this song leans more towards a “I’m lonely so let’s fill this temporary void with someone and I don’t care who it is” vibe – which I HATE! – the catchiness of the musicality and the vocalisation throughout make me happy. I’m not 100% sure of if it’s supposed to make you feel that way but it definitely makes me feel good. And that’s coming from someone who is an avid “I don’t need a man to make myself feel good” preacher!

If I’m honest there are times when Hyerin’s voice came across to me as being a little whiney, LE swooped in with her unique voice and brought me back down to my excited level.

Again, this is a song that doesn’t have a music video but please watch the translated video below.

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