K-Pop Songs: C – Can’t Love You Anymore by IU feat. Oh Hyuk

While I’m not a huge fan of IU this most recent of albums was amazing, particularly this song as it featured a man I’m a huge fan of – Oh Hyuk. He does show up in a few more letters later on in this list so I clearly love him but there was just something about both votes mixed together that won me over.

ARTIST: IU feat. Oh Hyuk

ALBUM: Palette


This album came out 21 April, 2017 with title song Palette – which is also a fantastic song as well – and featured pre-released songs Through the Night and Can’t Love You More. As I mentioned above, I’m not a huge IU fan. I feel that she tends to over sing a lot which drives me insane in a female voice – I think there can be a fine line between showing how talented you are and just being a bit on the whiny side. But there were no traces of that over-singing in this album. Actually, everything about this album was perfect.

The song starts with an electric piano chords before introducing light percussion as IUs high-pitched and delicate voice starts singing. The beat only really intensifies in the chorus which keeps the song in a more light place making you focus more on the vocals.

This song is about being in love and all of a sudden falling out of it. Again, this is a song that I can sympathise with as I have also fallen out of love with someone.

I can’t love
I try to think
I try to rub skin and hug
I try to lock lips but
It doesn’t work out that way
It’s so funny
I try to turn things back
We try to ignore it
But at this point
How can we love again?

My favourite parts of this song revolve entirely around Oh Hyuk. I mentioned in the introduction that I’m a huge fan of Oh Hyuk and that he’s on a few songs in this series, this duet is no different. I find his voice very thick and full of soul – a voice that is very hard to come by not only in Korea but in the music industry in general. I also find that his voice gives his songs a certain vulnerability which adds to the overall meaning behind this song.

The pairing of both voices is absolute magic and I feel like with Oh Hyuk’s feature on this song gave IU the ability to let rip her sweet voice without sounding too over-bearing. It could’ve easily become a competition between vocals as they fight over who sung it better but it didn’t and I’m so happy about that!

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