K-Pop Songs: D – Dimple by BTS

I’m a little sad about doing my BTS edition of “Favourite Groups” so early in the year as their most recent album Love Yourself: Her would’ve added an even more impressive ending to my post. The amount of accomplishments BTS has had with this album is beyond what everyone thought and I’m so in love with this album. Although I did do a first listen to it on my YouTube channel I did want to include a couple songs off this album in this A-Z list. It just made sense for me to start off with one of my favourite songs off the album Dimple.


ALBUM: Love Yourself 承 ‘Her’


This album was released 18 September, 2017 along with title track DNA. Although this song has propelled the group into a different league than ever before, the album as a collective is one of the best albums I’ve heard. I’ve been very vocal about my love of their Wings album – and I continue to say that it’s the best album I’ve ever heard in my life – but Love Yourself: Her is a different kind of of great.

As I said, the songs off this album sound better when heard as a whole. The reason why I say this is because it’s so different from their other albums, the genres that feature on this album are almost completely untouched from BTS when you look at their back catalogue which makes the success of this album even more impressive.

In all honesty, when I first heard this song I wasn’t even aware that it was purely from the vocal-line. All I was thinking while listening to this song was the fact that it was beautiful.

The song starts off with a light and somewhat diffused electronic notes before Taehyung starts the song off with his unusual deep voice. The song picks up as the rest of the members join in until the chorus hits with a harder percussion than heard in the verses. I feel like the chorus is the only time when the bass and electronic melody are paired together so strongly. When the verses come in it’s less melody-based and more reliant on the bass to carry the tempo of the song through.

My favourite parts of this song are the catchiness of the chorus and the song from the 2 minute mark onwards. At this point in particular Taehyung’s voice comes in and almost rids the entire song of any kind of tempo or melody before Jimin comes in with his high-pitch vocals while you start to hear the building of the melody again. Jin follows up with his rarely used falsetto which adds another level of delicacy to the song before Jungkook throws his crazy powerful voice into the picture before hitting us with a beautiful high note – which is where the beat kicks in again. Clearly the last minute and a half of the song is the high point of the song as the music building, dropping and continuing deems it so.

This song is about falling in love with someone because of their dimple and continuing to be so in love with this person. A little kitschy, I know, but the sentiment resonated with a lot of fans. As I mentioned above the catchiness of the chorus almost dictated that we love this song but I can’t help but think this song was swept under the rug a little bit.

You hide but only appear when you smile
Where did you come from?
Don’t lie, I know you’re an angel
What are you?

That dimple is illegal
No, it’s dangerous, oh yes
So I call you illegirl
Your existence alone is a crime

It’s just a beautifully produced song!

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