K-Pop Songs: D – Day Day by BeWhy feat. Jay Park

For those that follow me on Twitter or YouTube it should be no surprise that I’m obsessed with Show Me the Money and one of the best seasons is when the almighty BeWhy won the whole show – which he deserved by the way. This song an unexpected surprise when first shown on the show and I didn’t expect that I’d grow to like it more and more as time goes on. BeWhy’s genius is shown perfectly through this song so putting it in this A-Z list was a given.

ARTIST: BeWhy feat. Jay Park

ALBUM: Show Me the Money 5 – Episode 4


This particular episode was broadcast on July 8 2016 and showcased BeWhy in a light that no one’s really seen him in. Him winning was inevitable as every contestant and even the producers of the show were most excited for him every week. He was also a big favourite of the audience and they obviously lost their minds while he was performing this song.

This song is very funky, more funky than I would’ve though BeWhy would rap on. Not only does this song show a different side to BeWhy but after hearing it all you want is to hear him rap on songs like this more. Don’t get me wrong, I love BeWhy rapping on trap but theres something so addictive and summery about this song.

As I mentioned above, BeWhy is a genius – a rap god if you will. He’s able to rap so many syllables in such a short time with showing no hint of being overwhelmed that you can’t ignore his immense talent. This is one of the things I love the most about BeWhy – rather than his songs being well produced it’s his astounding stability and confidence in his voice. Yes Jay Park’s heavenly vocals elevate the song while slowing it down at the same time makes the song even better, but just BeWhy by himself would’ve made this stellar anyway.

The specific parts about this song that I love are at the 1.50 mark when he raps so fast that it creates a brand new tempo to the song. I love how he’s able to be so confident while showing off his talent at the same time.

I don’t know if it’s something that he’s really known for by a lot of people but I think one of his strongest talents is the ability to change up a beat within the same song. Yes, it does depend on the song itself – and the song is the main reason why he changes up his rapping speed – but even if it doesn’t change too much, he’s able to write raps and execute them in a way that creates a new beat on top of the old one.

There’s also something very endearing about the way that he performs – his gestures, his relationship with the audience and the way he controls his microphone. It’s almost as if he has the whole thing choreographed because once you see the performance you’ll forever see his motions in your head every time to listen to the song afterwards. See what I’m talking about below.

I highly suggest watching BeWhy’s performances on this show because you really start to appreciate how talented he is as an all round performer. There are times when he comes across as being quite suffocating – he suffocates you with his rap talent!

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