K-Pop Songs: E – El Dorado by EXO

There were a lot of EXO songs I could use for almost every letter of the alphabet but the song that stuck out the most for me was El Dorado as it was one of the first songs from their recent sound that appealed to me. Not only does it clearly show their individual talents but when you watch their live performances of this song it shows their unity as a group.


ALBUM: Exodus


Exodus came out on 30 March 2015 along with title song Call Me Baby. Although Call Me Baby was a song that was expected of a group like EXO, El Dorado came out of left field for me. Sure, a lot of their earlier songs had similar traits but the special points of this song have never all been put together in one song before.

It starts off with a slow melody that almost sounds like a muffled xylophone probably generated by a synth. Either way, it was a trick for the epicness that was about to be thrown at us.

If there was a term that meant bigger than the word ‘theatrical’ is would be ‘El Dorado‘ as this song is the definition of theatrical. And dramatic. A little song baby of both words put together. Not only does the song build more and more as the song goes on but the heavy use of a heavy bass but with small hints of orchestral instrumentation this song was destined to slap you right in the face.

This song has almost a dream-like and whimsical meaning. It could mean the obvious with the title of El Dorado, a city made of gold that doesn’t exist – depending on who you talk to – or it could mean something else entirely.

In this dangerous journey, obstacles keep coming
But we’ve become one and have
Overcome everything, the light is getting bigger
No pain no gain, this is a world of mystery
Add all ten fingers to the circle above
We are one

Now we’re here
Countless times have passed us by
I’m even more excited
For the days to come
Those who believed in me were right
I will prove that

Into the light that spreads out before us
Toward the future that no one knows of
This walk will be a legend in the
Days to come, the El Dorado
Under the same sky, the same name
Because we are one
We believe in each other, oh El Dorado-rado
(I know it’s there)

Like I said, it could mean the obvious but I think its the other option. That this El Dorado they speak of is really a never-reaching place, their dream, their light at the end of the tunnel. Surely this song must’ve really struck a chord with a lot of people when it first came out.

My love for the song is less about the meaning and more for the pure unfiltered and untouched power vocals that these boys continuously provide without fail. If I could spend my life talking about how much I love D.O and Baekhyun’s rare and unique voices, I would. When the song reaches it’s climax after building for three minutes, Baekhyun belts out this impossible note – and bloody holds it! – that gave me constant chills. Listen out at the 3.04 mark and tell me you also didn’t get chills as well.

I could include original song down below but I think a song filled with so much grandeur should be shown by a live performance. You’ll get chills when you watch it I promise!

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