K-Pop Songs: F – Face by GOT7

This is my first song by GOT7 but there a couple more songs coming your way later on in the alphabet. Although I love listening to a classic GOT7 song there’s nothing quite like the sound and just general production of a new GOT7 album, mainly the albums that have been released over the last year and a half. I don’t know if it’s got to do with the members being more involved in the writing and producing of their songs but whatever has changed it’s changed them for the better.


ALBUM: 7 For 7


7 For 7 was released 10 October 2017 so this album is a new one. I tend to have a lot more favourite songs for a groups older catalogue than their newer ones as I have more time to listen to those older songs over and over again. But I couldn’t not put this song here. When I first heard Face from the album spoiler posted on YouTube I knew this song was going to be my favourite. And boy is it a goodie!!

When you look at their last three albums – all from the Flight Log trilogy – you can see a continuity among all three. They’re all full of bangers with a couple slower songs thrown in amongst them. But maybe that’s why I like this album so much – the whole thing is slower than I was expecting. Sometimes it takes a while for me to enjoy an album as a whole when I first listen to it but that wasn’t the case with this album. I loved it immediately!

When you first hear the song it sounds like it has potential to become a fast-paced song but once the vocals kick in it slows the song down a little bit more. Although there are traces of the song building throughout the pre-chorus, it stays with the same tempo and doesn’t waver. I liked it because it wasn’t what I was expecting – they knew what they wanted with this song and they stayed true to it. The only time it really slows down is in the bridge at the very end of the song.

Having a slower song like this helps you appreciate their vocal-line more. I mention all the time that JB and Youngjae have two of the most purely powerful vocals in an idol group that’s active right now. (They’ve almost got that kind of power that I can only liken to newer idols – Pentagons Hui and Jinho – and older idols – B1A4s Sandeul, Highlight (BEAST) Yoseob and Infinites Woohyun – as a comparison.) They’re just so powerful and they really come into effect throughout this album.

This song is about missing someone who’s no longer around you and wondering if they’re doing okay. Although you could take it as being in a romantic relationship it could also be aimed from GOT7 to their fandom. Personally I like the last meaning as I know their title song You Are was also aimed at their fans away. Thinking of it that way makes me love this song even more.

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