K-Pop Songs: F – Fire Water by Code Kunst feat. G.Soul and Tablo

This song was one of those songs that you just stumble across accidentally. Not only was I not expecting this song to be as good as it is but I was drawn into the wonders of G.Soul’s voice.  Fire Water is not only a high quality song but the MV takes my breath away from how strong and vivid the visuals and cinematography are.

ARTIST: Code Kunst feat. G.Soul and Tablo

ALBUM: Muggles Mansion


Muggles Mansion was released 28 February 2017 and before we dive into this particular song I want to express how great this album is. Code Kunst is a rapper/producer but this album is mainly being produced by him, all tracks having some serious features. From rappers Nucksal, Mino, Loco and BeWhy to vocalists Lee Hi and Suran this album has you covered for different types of the best Korean hiphop that’s come out in 2017. This album wasn’t celebrated enough for my liking so I really suggest you all listen to it – you won’t be let down. The whole thing is one of those albums you play loudly on a hot summers day or when you’re driving around.

Although I do have a lot of favourites on this album – my absolute favourite will feature later on in the alphabet – Fire Water gave me chills like no other song did. I don’t know if it’s because of the breathtaking visuals in the MV or G.Soul’s voice but after watching it for the first time I replayed it straight away.

The song starts off with light tribal drumming while a muted melody plays quietly in the background until G.Soul comes in with his distinct vocal tone and calms the song down even more – if that’s even possible. The song doesn’t really get knee-deep until the chorus when G.Soul starts using more of his falsetto which will give you chills. I think I really became a fan of G.Soul after hearing this song, his earlier songs not quite grabbing my attention. But this year has been great for him – both with songs he’s featured on and his own solo songs – and I’m happy he’s getting more chances to showcase his talent.

I’m not the biggest fan of Tablo when he features on other peoples songs, I much prefer him under Epik High – their most recent album We’ve Done Something Wonderful is fantastic so give it a listen if you haven’t heard it yet. I highly suggest Here Come The Regrets which features Lee Hi, it’s my favourite off the album. I also am a little iffy about him when he raps in english a lot. He, of course, is a fluent english speaker but I prefer his tone and pacing when he raps in Korean more. Honestly, I would’ve enjoyed his rap more if he had made it a little more tightly packed as it would have counteracted the space that G.Soul was creating through his vocals – I think the song would’ve been a little bit more balanced.

In say that I still love the song. The song is about being in a love that no one quite understands. It could also be talking about a seemingly destructive relationship where opposites attract. Either way, the title of Fire Water really describes that kind of love.

Fire in the water
We are burning wild and free
Just me and you
Me and you
Fire in the water
They know nothing ’bout our love
Just me and you
Just me and you
Fire in the water
Fire in the water
Fire in the water
Fire in the water

In the memory of my body and mind
I can’t touch you
The memories of the past
They are ashes and painted in this city like snowflakes
Have you ever loved someone to death?
Have you ever loved someone to death?
I’m gonna love you to death
It’s a reality, but it’s hard to break

I particularly love G.Soul’s runs at the end of each chorus. He’s got this insane ability to rip out his falsetto at the drop of a hat which, in this song specifically, amplifies the delicacy and vulnerability of the subject matter. He’s just such a skilled vocalist and I feel like more people need to wake up and notice him.

4 thoughts on “K-Pop Songs: F – Fire Water by Code Kunst feat. G.Soul and Tablo

    • This whole Code Kumar album is phenomenal if you like to mess around with hip hop. This song just stood out because of G.Souls vocals which kill me every time. I’m happy you liked it 😊😊


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