K-Pop Songs: G – Give It To Me by AGUST D

There’s something extremely endearing about an idol rapper releasing a mixtape. I wasn’t around in the K-Pop world when Rap Monsters mixtape came out, although I have seen all the MVs for his releases and Joke took my breath away. We are also waiting for J Hope to release his own mixtape but no one, and I repeat NO ONE, was quite prepared for the fire that Min Yoongi was about to drop.


ALBUM: AGUST D – Soundcloud


Agust D was released 16 August 2016, coincidentally three days after my 26th birthday – I’m not saying that he released it as a birthday present for me but that’s exactly what I’m saying. It felt like a birthday present purely because that’s how amazing this mixtape is. Although it’s not rare for an idol rapper to release a mixtape it is rare that a mixtape is released by an idol and it is so widely well-received.

Although I am a fan of the title track he released with a music video – Agust D – Give It To Me is my favourite of the two. There are some amazing parts in Agust D where Suga really shows how talented he is as he showcases his tightly packed verses but there was something so aggressive and borderline animalistic about his bars in Give It To Me.

The song starts off with a distorted sample – a quality of production that features heavily in this mixtape – before a bass dropping in to build a certain dark ambiance. When Suga comes in you can hear the ferociousness in the way that he delivers his lines. He also showcases a more dramatic and theatrical vocal variety which is something that we don’t get to hear too often from him – Rap Monster or J Hope do this a lot more. The way he delivers throughout this song changes to-and-from from his regular deep and slightly breathless rap to a more melodical line delivery. And let’s not forget about my favourite thing about Min Yoongi (I’ve written about this before) – his breathing he so heavily relies on is extremely evident in this song. I feel like it kind of emphasises the point he’s trying to make in this song.

I’m not sure how true it is but I’ve heard through the K-Pop grapevine that people weren’t expecting too much from Suga’s mixtape release. I don’t know if it’s because they didn’t expect it would be good at all or the fact that they didn’t think he’d have anything to write/rap about. But BOY DID HE!

This song in particular was made for those that threw negativity at him for becoming an idol. I don’t know who it was in particular that was being shady towards him but I’m assuming it came from all directions that involved the Korean Hiphop world – the whole underground vs idol rapper debate can be saved for another day, I have a lot to say about it. As I mentioned above about his aggressive delivery in this particular song, it really translates to the listener. Without knowing what the song is about you can’t help but sense that the young man is angry – and he has every right to be.


If you’re about to leave, take with you the words you spat
when they ask me what’s the reason of my success, I have no specific answer
during this period, I slept less than you and moved more, I grew up
although I don’t know yet the secret of success, I know very well the secret of failure
the secret is how you play your smart mouth,even if I die I won’t live like this
I was born a tiger, I can’t live like a dog
whatever it is pour it one me, whether it’s alcohol,money or if this is fame
I will never beg for what’s in your hands
I don’t desire it whatever it is
I do only what I can, the law of the jungle?
beat it! in the word success is the world of politics
you guys can hit,kick and fight
oh yes bastard, yes yes oh you look like an idiot
whether you’re a waste of time or weak
I don’t give a damn, live as you wish
don’t mess with me, don’t touch my hand
don’t hit my armor foolishly cause I’ll flatten you
One for the money and two for the show
Fame flash light
Gi give it to me
Gi give it to me


Not only did he blow the haters away with a tightly packed yet varied song composition but he was also able to fully talk about problems that he has faced past and present. Although this song is pretty self explanatory there are other songs on the EP that I would suggest – The Last and Far Away in particular. He speaks about how he’s had to deal with his own mental health issues to the point of having to seek psychiatric help. I wouldn’t say I’ve had too much experience in the spectrum of mental health but I can guarantee that these songs affected a lot of people and also helped pull them through their own worries and similar issues.

No one was quite prepared for the savagery and honesty that Min Yoongi was about to throw and as someone who easily sympathises with others, I wanted to thank him. It’s not very often that a fan is able to thank an idol but I want to thank him as a human being to another. I’m proud of how far he’s come and how many people he’s touched through this mixtape. I know he wasn’t entirely please with it as whole due to a tight deadline but he should still wear it like a badge of honour. Moments like this mixtape are reasons why I’m a K-Pop fan but also a fan of BTS.

Check out the music video below!

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