K-Pop Songs: G – Goodbye by 2NE1

I’m putting this on the record: 2NE1 is not my favourite girl group nor do I rate them highly. Not because they’re not good but because I was late to the party! I could’ve easily listened to their entire back catalogue and be in love with them by now but I’ve just never gotten around to it. I’m sure I’d become a massive fan by the end of it.

I know that’s a massive statement to start off this entry with but I felt like I needed to give some kind of groundwork for me and my relationship with girl groups. When I first got in to K-Pop I was very opposed to girl groups – I still am a little bit but I’m trying to listen to them more so I can get used to them and start appreciating them for how amazing they are. The first song I did like of a girl group was Come Back Home which is of course by the ladies of 2NE1 so I guess 2NE1 created some big shoes to fill when it comes to girl groups. I also feel that I like the members from girl groups when they’re not performing – I like them for their personalities within the group and how they are together.


ALLBUM: Goodbye – Single


Goodbye was released 21 January 2017 and, thanks to the song title, it gave Blackjacks the chance to say their final goodbye. Taking all the drama of YG vs everyone in his agency away from the situation, 2NE1 was front and centre for their entire career right up until their disbandment at the end of last year. I love that they included Minzy in this MV by using their past footage. She was an integral part of the group and I love that she was able to be featured – as small as it was – in the MV. What I can’t help but think is that it would’ve been nice for her to join in on this last song but ugh… YG!

The thing I love the most about this song is that it sounds very acoustic with only a guitar strumming and the occasional bass guitar throughout. Not only does it create that sad ambiance of the situation but I think it shines a light of the three girls vocals. I’m not the biggest fan of Dara’s voice but I thought even she sounded great in this song – as well as stunningly beautiful in the MV, my god!

CL starts off the song with her solid voice before Dara comes in with her sweet and thin voice for the pre-chorus. In Dara’s part, the acoustic guitar becomes louder before CL comes back in with her crazy strong voice as she easily pushes herself to reach the odd falsetto. Her voice alone gives me chills when she starts to add huskiness at the end of her lines. But then along comes Bom…

Bom has had such a difficult time in the group and I feel sick with how not only people in Korea but also YG himself has treated her. My favourite part about Bom, aside from her sense of humour, is her stunningly beautiful voice. She’s got this ability to sound so vulnerable by adding a certain desperation to her voice which makes me fall in love with her even more. (My favourite showcase of this is their live acoustic performance of Come Back Home, Bom alone made me cry.)

I read an interview about how CL initially wrote this song for Minzy after she’d decided to leave the group. Upon release CL had changed the lyrics to have a double meaning – for Minzy and for their fans.

Don’t go
Don’t say you’re gonna leave me
Don’t leave me behind in the memories
Don’t look at my tears that can’t hold onto you
Just don’t go

Don’t be deceived
Don’t fall for the temptation
Nothing lasts forever
When winter passes, spring will come again, you know this
Just don’t go

When today is over it feels like tomorrow will be different
Will my life be ok without you?

Until the day we meet again,
Goodbye goodbye
Until the faraway day when we meet again,
Goodbye, goodbye
Does anyone know, does anyone know
How it makes me feel
Until the day we meet again,
Goodbye goodbye

Don’t believe it
Don’t believe in the broken words that scatter
Don’t let go of your small heart
Remember the promises we made together
Tears are falling

Don’t forget
Even when things are hard sometimes, it’s OK
When you wanna lean on someone, come to me
Though I can’t be with you forever
It’s just for a moment

Until the day we meet again,
Goodbye goodbye
Until the faraway day when we meet again
Goodbye goodbye

No goodbye, goodbye

I thought it was important to include the majority of the lyrics because I feel like their important. YG artists have some great lyrics in their equivalent of a goodbye song (Big Bang’s Last Dance made me weep like a child) and I feel like they need to be talked about more.

Not only does this song hold some serious sentimental value to Blackjacks but it’s just a downright amazing song. It’s able to sound so sensitive and emotional without sounding too whiny. As someone who isn’t a Blackjack, I can’t help but feel their emotions from start to finish.

Check out the stunning music video below!

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