K-Pop Songs: H – Hola Hola by KARD

My love for KARD is seemingly never-ending. I find their dynamics as a group so amazing and I can’t help but think co-ed groups should be more of a commonality. Even though I feel like this, I think the masterminds behind KARD are absolutely right on the money. Not only did they come out with Oh Na Na at the most perfect time but the genre of music they’ve been doing over the past year has been amazing!


ALBUM: Hola Hola – EP


KARDs first EP Hola Hola released 19 July 2017 with the title track of the same name. Hola Hola is their official debut song but prior to this they release three other songs which also feature on the EP as well – Oh Na Na, Rumour and Don’t Recall.

When I first saw Oh Na Na I knew I was going to love this group. Not only was their co-ed group so foreign to me but I just loved how they behaved with each other – you can really tell how close friends they are. This friendship really does them a favour but I just wish people would stop asking them if they’re dating. Surely after a year of being active they’d just leave them all alone for a sec.

Hola Hola sticks with the same genre as their three previous releases – very dancehall orientated. It’s a great genre and vibe for them as their choreo can be seemingly simplistic but it also allows them to dance together, something I wish more groups would do – females and males dancing together.

The reason why I wanted this song specifically in my A-Z list is because of how different the song is. Although very in tune to the dancehall genre, Hola Hola seemed like it was a level above the previous songs. Oh Na Na has been my favourite of theirs right up until this song came out. As a whole, the song just sounds so much more upbeat and positive – a real summer song.

My favourite part about it is Jiwoo’s verse after the first chorus. Instead of singing, she comes out in a kind of rap/sing as the beat of the song drops to a kind of trap beat which is a genre KARD hasn’t touch upon at all. Hearing this all of a sudden was such a shock and made me love the song immediately.

I decided not to include the lyrics in this post as I don’t think they’re important to the overall gist of this song. With the other songs, the lyrics are half of the reason why I love the song so much but with Hola Hola you can feel what the lyrics are from the sound of the song.

I’m so excited for their next comeback which is coming up soon, but when this entry gets posted their comeback probably has already happened. I’m happy that they’re coming out with another mini album as well and they’re not just releasing singles like their first three songs. It was so difficult to not buy the singles and just wait until their album finally came out.

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