K-Pop Songs: I – In Love by BOBBY

One of the biggest surprises this year – album-wise – was of course Bobby’s Love and Fall album. Not so much because I thought it was going to be bad at all but because the majority of the songs on this album feature Bobby singing. If you don’t already know this by now – I love a rapper who sings.


ALBUM: Love & Fall


Love & Fall came out 14 September 2017 with title tracks Runaway and I Love You. I love both of these songs so much – particularly Runaway, the shit made me cry – but the song that really spoke to me on a different level was In Love.

Like I mentioned above, Bobby sings through the majority of this album and no other song hit me as hard as In Love did. I don’t know if it’s because of how delicate the strings were and simplistic the melody and song production is or just purely Bobby’s voice and emotional take on this particular song. Throughout this whole song I couldn’t help but think “Who the hell is Bobby in love with?!” because you can almost hear how sincere he is. I’m not sure if it is towards a particular relationship – I mean, if it is then good for him! – or if it’s a song for his fans and those that love iKon.

As the title dictates, this song is about being in love and surviving those things that try to tear you down but you’re always there for each other regardless.

Sometimes, I’m poison to you
I might give you a hard time baby
But after time, when you look back
I hope you’ll be smiling, my baby
So I can be your last that no one else was
So come and take my hand

I’ll hold onto you
When you’re about to collapse
I’ll be your shoulder
So you can rest
I’ll walk with you
When no one’s there
I won’t let go of your hand
I’ll keep telling you
Baby I’m in love with u
Dat I’m in love dat I’m in love

What I love about this song was Bobby’s use of english. The first few bars of this song is in fluent english which I feel did the song a favour. Although he is a fluent speaker I don’t hear him speaking english too much but the fact that he started the song off with it helped me connect to the song a lot more.

There isn’t a music video for this song so please check out the fan made english translation version down below.

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