K-Pop Songs: J – Jesus Lived In a Motel Room by HYUKOH

Oh Hyuk is one of my favourite solo vocalists in Korea at the moment. Although Jesus Lived In a Motel Room isn’t my favourite song on this album, I couldn’t not include a song of theirs. Oh Hyuk’s voice is so soulful and full of something I can’t quite define so I feel like he, and the rest of the band, should get more time to shine than they do.




23 was released 24 April 2017 much to my absolute happiness. HYUKOH is a 4-member indie band that started in 2014. Their frontman Oh Hyuk is usually the one that gets the most attention, as the vocalists of bands tend to, but I would say that he gets a lot of attention from his voice. Well, that’s why I pay attention to them anyway.

This album is a lot more electronic-folk than I had thought. I’ve always heard Oh Hyuk featured on hip-hop and RnB songs so the genre this entire album had was a real surprise to me. I’m still unsure if I genuinely like the surprise or not, I just think I was so set on hearing some crazy vocals on top of an RnB track but hey!

The song starts off as being very haunting which Oh Hyuk’s voice layered on top of each other through harmonisations with absolutely no music in the background – just the sound of his own voice. It almost sounds as if theirs a choir supporting him as well but I’m not entirely sure.

Around 30secs in an indie/folky beat comes through a constant drum beat and an electric guitar strumming before Oh Hyuk starts singing the way that only he can. When it hits the chorus, whistling can be heard for a few seconds before the entire band comes in with a more intense beat starts. The song is very all over the place but in the best way by sticking with the same genre throughout the song. I almost feel like the ever changing variety of tempos is a great showcase of what the band can do but also of how versatile Oh Hyuk’s voice really is.

Not only this song but the whole album illustrates the complexities of youth and the struggles you can face.

I had to tell you
Don’t you feel fear
Done telling people no need to say
I had to tell you
Why can’t you hear
Anxiety surrounding me
I had to tell you
There’s no big deal
It happens all the time
So honestly not a thing to fix
My mama always told me
Don’t waste a minute
Nirvana as how it is

This topic and the genre work very well together which is why everyone needs to go and listen to this album. As I mentioned at the start of this post, Oh Hyuk is one of my favourite vocalists and I will be mentioning my favourite song he’s featured on later on in the alphabet so keep your eyes opened – you won’t regret it!

Check out the MV below!

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