K-Pop Songs: J -Just One Day by BTS

Yes, another BTS song! But believe it or not, it was really hard for me to pick songs with the letter J so you’ll have to deal with my Bangtan fangirling for a lil bit.

BTS is great for their upbeat bangers but I actually prefer their softer, more ballad-type songs. I don’t know if it’s because their voices and tonal differences inside their own group is what helps or the fact the members are so hands on with all their songs but I’m very attached to a lot of their ballads. Including Just One Day.


ALBUM: Skool Luv Affair


Skool Luv Affair was released 12 February 2014 with their title songs Boy In Luv and Just One Day – the latter released in April 2014. Boy In Luv was the first ever BTS song I ever heard and watched so I’m extremely attached to this album. To be honest, I didn’t always like Just One Day but the more I heard it the more I loved it. Now, it’s one of my favourite songs.

I’m going to go on the record and say that Just One Day is the softest song BTS have ever done. Sure, there are other songs that show their fun and happy sides but this song is purely SOFT in every sense of the word.

At this point in their career BTS were still focused on hiphop-based songs so Just One Day does feature that typical hiphop beat but is paired with a delicate piano throughout as well as some sweet vocals in the background in the verses which gives it that softer sense. The chorus is the only time where it kind of breaks away from this sweet ambiance they’ve set up through the verses but even then it’s not too crazy.

Aside from the vocal-lines ad-libs in the background and the cute choreography, the last one minute of the song is my favourite. The music gets stripped away and the vocals really come out to play with small piano accompaniment before returning to the usual beat.

I know Taehyung (V) had a hand in this song which makes me love it more – Taehyung is one of my biases if you haven’t read my BTS chapter of My Favourite Groups series I did. I also think this song is totally swept under the rug and people don’t talk about it enough. I know it was released back in 2014 but I think an artists/groups back catalogue speaks louder than their current work. It’s also a great way to see how much a group has grown. If you compare this song compared to their newer ballad-type songs – like Sea from Love Yourself – it’s astounding to see the progress they’ve made.

Check out the cutest MV down below!

5 thoughts on “K-Pop Songs: J -Just One Day by BTS

    • Haha I would forever bring up BTS all day every day if I knew people wouldn’t get sick of it. I just felt bad for picking them again when I’ve already mentioned them. I’m trying to show the different types of music that I’m really in to – it just so happens I’m knee deep into BTS 😂😂😂


  1. I love this song as well. Hey, if you like mellow songs, try listening to “For You” by BTS. The video is really cute as well! And Just One Day has an official MV, a dance version MV , a facial expression MV and all. You should check those out on Youtube since you like the song.

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    • I love For You!!! The choreo for that song is so beautiful that my poor heart almost couldn’t deal! I’ve seen all the dance practices for Just One Day as well – the version where Taehyung’s face damn well turns purple from laughter is one of my absolute favs 😊


      • I love the clothing style in the ‘For You’ musuc video as well. I was’nt talking about the choreograohy videos. There are like this dance version MV and a facial expression MV.


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