K-Pop Songs: K – Know Me by DPR LIVE feat. DEAN

One of my favourite things about being so active on YouTube is the fact I stumble across gems like this song. A lot of the time I watch songs teasers and only decide to react to a song if the teasers sound good. Queue Know Me by DPR LIVE.


ALBUM: Coming To You Live


Coming To You Live came out 15 March 2017. This album is pretty special because LIVE released almost all songs with official MVs – a fangirl didn’t know what to do with herself. When I first saw LIVE it was for the Know Me MV and at that point he was known as LIVE rather than DPR LIVE. When he released his next music videos he had changed his name to the latter – maybe because there is a western band already called live maybe?

Before I get into the song I wanted to list all the MVs from this album. They’re all fantastic so if you’re a fan of Korean Hiphop with not only a great sound but also stunningly beautiful visuals you should really check him out. He’s one of my absolute favourite finds of 2017 and I can’t wait for you guys to check him out and see what I’m talking about.

Cheese and Wine


Laputa feat. CRUSH


Right Here Right Now feat. LOCO and JAY PARK




Know Me was released 1 March 2017. To be honest the main reason I even looked at this song and did a reaction to it was A – because of the teasers and B – because my boy DEAN was featured on it. Around 30 seconds into the song I knew it was a good idea to react to it. If I may compliment myself for a second I really like the way the reaction video went – I was enjoying the beat and making all types of noises that showed how much I loved the song.

The beat sounds quite fast but the way that DPR LIVE rapped on top of the beat almost created a different beat to what was playing in the background. Another thing to note about all his songs, especially Know Me, is that he uses a lot of english. I’m not too sure how fluent he actually is with the language but he seriously sounds like he can speak it really well.

DPR LIVE has a way of rapping that incorporates singing at the same time without taking away from the fact that he is a talented rapper. When DEAN comes in for his verse and bridge the song becomes complete. It also sounds like he’s rapping a little bit as well but with their tonal differences and DEANs background ad-libs at the end of the song I was in pure heaven. This song is perfection in every way.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, DPR LIVEs music videos are spectacular and beyond all expectations. Not only is every single MV aesthetically pleasing but it shows a quality of visuals you never get to see in Korean music videos. There are a few songs that do use a lot of CG to create some crazy effects but with the songs that don’t use too much CG make me absolutely speechless. (I highly suggest Laputa as the pinnacle of his music videos – absolutely stunning in every sense of the word.)

I think this kind of production is due to DPR – Dream Perfect Regime. I wouldn’t say that they’re a label but they’re almost like the equivalent of one. They’ve said themselves that they incorporate all kinds of different elements (including photography) to create a new and never-before-done way of producing their music and artists.

I really hope people enjoy this song if they’ve never heard of it before because it really does deserve all the views and (legal) downloads it can get. The other song that is right up there with Know Me from this album is Right Here Right Now.

Check out the MV below!

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