K-Pop Songs: L – Let Me by GOT7

Another GOT7 song is what this list needs. Let Me wasn’t a song I immediately fell in love with but the more I hear the more addictive and sweet the chorus becomes.


ALBUM: Flight Log: Turbulence


Flight Log: Turbulence was released 27 September, 2016 with title song Hard Carry. Because we were all knee-deep into the craziness that was the Flight Log trilogy and with all the fan theories flying around I was beyond excited for this particular album. It was the first album of GOT7s that I’d preordered and I was beyond excited for the epicness this album was going to be. What I didn’t realise at this point was how beautiful and well crafted this album would be. To me, Turbulence is their most well produced album to date!

I mentioned at the start of this post that it took a while for me to fall in love with Let Me and I only have one reason for that – MAYDAY! I have a feeling I’ve already mentioned it before but Mayday is my favourite song off Turbulence and also one of my absolute favourite GOT7 songs EVER! I’ve seen people all over Twitter not like this song at all but I don’t pay them any attention – when I first heard Mayday I almost cried and nothing anyone can say would take that first impression from me.

Let Me is a slow song and does not build up to be a banger like Mayday does – it stays at a nice slow tempo throughout. Having member (and ultimate bias JB) start off a song is always risky as it can almost be too strong, but having Jinyoung come in straight after him brings the song back down to the slower and sweet tempo it’s meant to have.

The whole concept of the chorus starting off with the lyrics Let me hold your hand” is so beautiful. I couldn’t help but think of how sweet the rest of the lyrics would be.

I see you reflected in today’s sunlight
You are crazily radiant
You plant the sun in my heart
Let’s you and I be together today

Let me hold your hand
Atop this blue ocean, look at me baby
Hug me now lady you drive me crazy
With the cool breeze, the two of us
Let me hold your hand
Embrace me atop this blue ocean
Embrace me now
With the cool breeze, the two of us

I was right – these lyrics are the sweetest!

There isn’t a MV for this song but watch the lyric video down below to hear the original version!


BONUS! Check out the role switch version of this song. GOT7 does some really great part-switch performances (my favourite one being to Just Right) but they all do so well with Let Me.

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