K-Pop Songs: M – Mama Don’t Worry by SAM KIM

Sam Kim is the only Korean soloist that is so close to my perfect vocal. There’s something about the sound of his voice that constantly gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. Although Mama Don’t Worry wasn’t the first song I heard of his – it was actually Think About’ Chu feat. Loco – but it was the first song that I felt a deep connection to. After hearing this song and looking up the translations I was absolutely sold and have since become a massive fan of his.


ALBUM: I Am Sam – EP


I Am Sam came out 10 April 2016 with album title No Sense. Although the title song is ok, it pales in comparison the the rest of the 6-track EP. I have a lot of favourite songs on this EP and my absolute favourite will feature a bit later in the alphabet. As I mentioned above Mama Don’t Worry was the first song of Sam’s that I connected to and my love for it is two-pronged: A) his voice is stunning B) the translation is so sad!

Prior to Think About’ Chu I’d never heard of Sam before. I only found out later that he was on K-Pop Star and it’s crazy to see how strong he’s become vocally since then. I also think he’s really found a genre that fits him perfectly – a singer/songwriter with a strong RnB foundation.

His vocals are no joke and I find it hard to pick which way I prefer him to sing, either soft and delicate or when he belts it out. Both ways are absolutely beautiful and I also feel like one couldn’t live without the other.

I mentioned at the very start of this post that he is the closest to my perfect voice. I love a voice that is strong and stable but there are traces of huskiness to it. To me, Sam’s voice is filled with so much soul and I wish that he had more songs out there. I do like the songs that he’s featured on but this EP is my favourite of his works.

The translation to this song is so beautiful that it made me miss my mum immediately after reading it. It’s about being away from your family and having to comfort them with words of reassurance that you’re doing well away from them.

My foolish son, who doesn’t really call
How are you doing?
Don’t eat too many chips
Make sure you clean up after yourself

Mother’s heart, father’s heart
Even when they’re far away, it’s always the same
Grandma’s heart, grandpa’s heart
Wherever they are, it’s always the same

So mama don’t worry
So mama don’t worryIt’s okay that you’re far away Sam
It’s okay even if we don’t see each other often, we’re happy
Because you’re still in our hearts even when we’re apart
Don’t worry about us, be happy
Don’t cry

Your foolish son
Who doesn’t call often, is doing well
I’ve gotten really busy these days
I’m working hard, I’m writing songs
I’m eating all three meals
So don’t worry about me mom
Please be healthy and look after my siblings
Don’t worry about me mom
Even if it’s hard, just wait a little for me

I told you it was sad right!! My favourite parts are when he hollers out “don’t cry” at the end of one of his verses because you can feel his emotion while singing it. My other favourite part is the last verse I’ve mentioned above which is the last 20 secs of the song. The music slows down and becomes even more acoustic, almost acapella. I think it’s really smart to have done the song like this as the words are a response to his family’s constant worries while he’s away. The music gets taken away so that a son can comfort his mother.

I’ve included two different versions of the song down below. The first video is a lyric video so you can focus on his words:


The second video is a live performance he did on Pops In Seoul where he kind of explained the meaning behind the song. At the end you can see him start to get a little emotional and I love that added touch to the song.

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