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Hey guys!!

I know it’s been a minute since I last updated on here but it’s been Christmas and I also work in retail so – it’s been a nightmare! But now that a new year has started it’s time for me to get my ass into gear and start being more present here. I initially started this site as a way for me to get my many ideas out there so it’s time for me to actually act on it!

I thought this post would be perfect for that as I’m going to start incorporating my YouTube channel on here. What better thing to start off with than my TOP 10 KPOP ALBUMS OF 2017!! I’ll include my video below here so if you all feel like it then check it out. For those of you who would prefer to read about my feelings on each album I mention then keep reading!

For this post I’ll be starting from my number 10 and working my way to number 1. Keep in mind this is all my personal opinion – if some of you guys disagree with any of my choices then that’s fine, but this is my own list. Feel free to leave any comments underneath, I love bonding with people over mutual favourites.


This album is the reason why I love SEVENTEEN. To be honest, before this I did like them but only for their title songs. I didn’t take the time to listen to their albums but would just appreciate their titles for what they were. As soon as I heard “Don’t Wanna Cry” I got curious, though. And boy do I not regret that!

This album is one of the very few where I can remember exactly when I first heard it, what I was wearing, where I was and how each song made me feel. “Habit” is by far a stand out for me! Along with my feelings in regards to listening to their albums, I didn’t really rate them vocally. To me, SEVENTEEN was more of a performance group – they had great choreographies and were known to be extremely in sync when performing them. “Habit” was the song that made me start to rate their vocal team in high regard.

A few months later and I can’t believe I’ve been so dumb to not have seen their amazing musicality when they first debuted.

I very easily could’ve put Teen.Age on this list – with stellar songs “Clap”, “Flower”, “Change Up” and “Trauma” – but AI1 not being on this list would’ve been catastrophic!

9. MILLIC – vida

(There isn’t a teaser video for his album so I included a playlist of the audio.)

Vida was a random find for me. This year I’d really been trying to pay attention to as many releases as possible so when I saw Vida’s title song “Paradise” featured DEAN and ZICO I was in! (At this point I was unaware that he was a part of FANXY CHILD.) When I enjoy a title track I go straight to Spotify and save the album to listen to later.  Listening to Vida was a life changing moment, let me tell you!

This album is very calming, it felt very therapeutic yet still stayed very much in the genre of hiphop. I do enjoy Korean hiphop but there was something about this album that made it seem very western – maybe it was all the english that was used through the whole album.

From the first track right until the last one, the listener is left relaxed yet intrigued to what they’d just heard. If I had to recommend only one song I wouldn’t be able to. I, of course, do have a favourite – “Treasure Island” – yet this album has everything a fan of not only Korean hiphop but just music in general could want in an album.

I don’t know how many people know of Millic but I beg you – listen to this album. Support him. He, and this album, is nothing less than stellar!

8. JJ PROJECT – Verse 2

It should be no surprise to you that I love this album – me being such a huge fan of GOT7. This is one of those albums I don’t think get talked about enough, almost underrated. For those that did listen to it, you won’t be surprised at all why I love it and why it’s in my Top 10.

JB and Jinyoung have such an amazing chemistry that surpasses the chemistry they have with the rest of the GOT7 members – yes, that sounds harsh but remember these two had already debuted under JJ PROJECT before GOT7 was even known so they had a lot of time to bond with each other.

Through the years as GOT7, both JB and Jinyoung have been able to develop their individual sound and their songwriting skills. It might be a little big of me to say this but Verse 2 is their best work.

Based off their title track “Tomorrow, Today” the whole album revolves around the same subject – finding out who you are. The genre of this album suited both members extremely well and they all related to each other making the album as a whole a work of pure art.

My favourite songs off this album are “Icarus” and “On&On”, both really show how skilled and honed their skills have become.

7. BOBBY – Love & Fall

As I mention in my video, I fell in love with Love & Fall instantly which is a rarity for me. Usually it takes me a few listens to really appreciate it but with this album – INSTANT!

BOBBY is known to be one of the most aggressive and skilled idol rappers in the game but hearing him sing on almost every track was unexpected – but I loved it even more because of how unprepared I was for it. The best portrayal of this duality are his songs “Up” and “In Love”.

BOBBY has a kind of duality that is rare to find – he has that aggressive side to him but he can also be quite soft and rap lightly. Although both sides are amazing, it was nice to predominantly see his softer side on his first solo album. I’m extremely happy he did have the chance to have a solo album – I feel like I’ve been going through withdrawals since MOBB in 2016.

I have a lot of favourite songs on this album but my absolute favourite is “In Love”. Listening to his soft side singing in english made me lose my mind!

6. DAY6 – Sunrise

2017 has been amazing for DAY6. Not only were they allowed out of the JYP building to actually promote but they were given the chance to be the main stars of one of the most genius ideas I’ve ever heard of.

Every Day6 was an idea that gave us the impression that they would release a new song every sixth of the month – which is what they did. (There was a month where they released two songs, though.) What I wasn’t expecting was that they would drop a two-song digital copy every month, leading to them releasing two full albums containing almost all the songs they released throughout the year. That is a lot of content!

Out of both full albums – Sunrise and Moonrise – I would say Sunrise is my favourite. Although both are out of this world, Sunrise had two of my favourite songs from 2017, “I Wait” and “How Can I Say”.

Rather than recommending DAY6 to fans of rock, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys music. Their amazing song-writing skills, their distinct and unique voices and their ability to do a wide range of genres is worth all audiences attention.

5. SURAN – Walkin’

SURAN has the pleasure of being the only female artist on my Top 10. Although that sounds pretty bad on my part it should be no secret that I’m a fan of male soloists or groups – female artists and groups is something I’m slowly starting to expose myself to more.

The song that made me listen to this album was her title track “1 + 1 = 0” which features DEAN. Honestly speaking, DEAN is the one who made me watch it but SURAN herself is who made me hang around long enough to listen to one of the most well-crafted albums of the year.

I would class SURAN as R&B but she has this unique voice that borders on the line of alternative/folk. The way she uses her voice is definitely one of a kind and she has a way of making you feel the emotion she’s trying to convey.

My favourite song on this album is “Yo” which she does with rapper SWINGS. It’s a highly emotional song but her unique voice and originality will absolutely take your breath away, I promise!

Although “Wine” got her a lot more fame because of BTS’ SUGA having produced the track, I would recommend that everyone should listen to the whole album. It is a short album but the songs are all done in such a beautiful way.

4. ZICO – Television

It should be no surprise that ZICO is on this list – I love him so much. What I think most people will be surprised at is the fact that this album is so high on my list. Although I am more of a KPOP fan, I do listen to a lot of Korean hiphop as well. This album in particular was on repeat for a solid couple of months!

ZICO, like BOBBY, has the same amazing duality – an aggressive rapper but also a bit of a softie. Both sides are shown on this album with songs “Anti” and “She’s a Baby” – both are absolute stand out songs.

He’s also well-known for being an amazing producer, this quality also shown on this album as well. With tracks like “Artist”, “Behind the Scene” and “Fanxy Child” it’s clear to see. He’s so creative and talented for someone his age and I love being able to witness every song he’s either featured on or brings out himself.

My favourite songs off this album are “Anti” and “Fanxy Child”.

3. BTS – Love Yourself: Her

There is a little part of me that dies a little inside because I didn’t put this at number one but I had to keep my feelings objective rather than bring my biases into the picture. If I did that then I wouldn’t really show what kind of music I enjoy and what albums in particular made me lose my mind.

It should be no surprise this album is in my list – not only is it extremely well made but this album grew on me the most. When I first heard it I was a little unsure. I wasn’t sure how all the songs fit together and the genres of some of the songs were strange to me – particularly “Best of Me” and “Pied Piper” which were a type that they’d never done before. But after streaming the album for a solid three days I knew this album would be one of my favourite BTS albums of all time.

Now, I can see how each song fits together and what they’re each trying to say. I do like how they threw back to their early discography with songs like “Mic Drop” and “Outro: Her” but this album is predominantly a new and untouched genre for the group.

My favourites on this album are “Mic Drop”, “dimple” and “Sea”. “Sea” is a hidden track from the physical album and it’s hard for me to explain how I feel about this song…..

If I love a song, I play it constantly and on repeat. But I love this song so much yet I’ve only listened to it 4 times in total. (SIDENOTE – when comparing it with “Mic Drop” which has a total of 53 plays on my iTunes, there’s a significant difference.) I love it in different ways. “Sea” literally breaks my heart – yes, literally. Every time I hear the first 20 seconds of this song my heart hurts! The subject matter makes me cry and oh…I just love it so much yet don’t want to break down every time I hear it, so I just don’t listen to it.

2. G DRAGON – Kwon Jiyong

I was lucky enough to see GD perform this live and I’ll forever be thankful for that opportunity. Not only to see a god perform but also to see him perform these emotional and personal songs live.

I understand this album has a lot of emotion attached to it and him bringing this album out before he has to enlist in the military is not lost on me at all. He’s had a very public and hard life and as a fan I’m happy he was able to let all his feelings out. Fans everywhere are no doubt more than ecstatic he was able to trust us all with these feelings.

This is the only album where I don’t have a favourite song. Every song on this album is beyond expectations and touches me in a way no other album can. Conceptually and musically this album is a step above all the rest. It just showed another side to GD that we’ve never seen before. Because of this album I’m even more excited to see what BIG BANG has in store for the world when they come back in a couple years.

1. DPR LIVE – Coming To You Live

2017 was a year of many things great, the biggest one of all being that I discovered DPR LIVE and all the wonders that make up the entire Dream Perfect Regime team.

My love for him first started with “Know Me” at the start of the year. Initially I was very impressed and surprised at his rapping skills but also the production of the song and the directing of the music video. When he dropped “Right Here Right Now” and “Laputa” I was well and truly sold on this amazing artist.

DPR LIVE is extremely unique, extremely skilled and extremely amazing. This entire album is beyond perfection for me and I’m so happy that I was able to watch how he keeps releasing smash after smash throughout the year.

Coming To You Live is without a doubt the one album that I would recommend to people. I’ve told a few people that I know in real life to listen to this album and they’ve all fallen for him and the world Dream Perfect Regime does. It is so universal and is able to be enjoyed by a wide range of people with a wide range of music tastes.

For those of you who haven’t heard this album or who haven’t heard of DPR LIVE before, please do me a favour and listen to this album. His creativity is nothing less then perfect.


Bye guys!


5 thoughts on “TOP 10 KPOP ALBUMS OF 2017 | Hana Rosey

  1. My personal favorite was Monsta X’s The Code. It only reinforced what I’ve been thinking for years, it’s gonna take awhile but this group will become one of the heavy hitters in Kpop no doubt. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I liked their album as well. For me it was brought out a little too late in the year so by the time I wrote this it didn’t stand a chance against the albums I loved from earlier in the year. But I almost put it in hahaha.


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