Still Some Good In the World??

Last week I posted a video of my first listen to EXOs Universe Winter Album on YouTube and I said something that a lot of people could’ve kicked off about. I’m not a big account at all but I’m surprised I haven’t had any hate or nasty comments on that particular video.

I’m a multi-fandom KPop fan and as you may realise by now, I HATE fan wars. I also hate it when some people drag down other artists in order to elevate their own favourites – almost like comparing them in a negative way.

I tend to get a little anxious when I say something that could be taken the wrong way yet I have a lot of opinions when it comes to a lot of things to do with the entertainment world in Korea. And because I made a comment that could’ve welcomed a lot of hate in an EXO video…. well, let’s say I was prepared for the worst.

Half way through the first listen I was talking about how amazing EXO are vocally when they harmonise together, mainly Baekhyun, D.O and Chen. I wanted to emphasise how rare and unique their skills as a group vocally were so I used BTS as a kind of comparison.

(Again, I feel like I need to remind you that I’m multi-fandom. I don’t dislike any group I just tend to listen to some groups more than others. I have never ever said anything negative about a group in order to promote my favourite groups so please don’t take this post like that.)

I said in the video that EXO as a group is rare and unique vocally. BTS as individuals are rare and unique (which makes them as a group rare and special). Both groups are amazing. Both groups are extremely talented. And I love them both.

After all that it may seem like it’s not that bad of a comment. But for those of you who are on Twitter or use social media on a regular basis you know how easy people get fired up and as a result start getting extremely petty – queue the hate.

The main reason for this post is because I woke up to a comment underneath said video and to be honest I was expecting the very worst. I do have two thumbs down on the video but I don’t know if it’s because of my comment or because I was very vocal about liking a couple songs more than the others.

When I opened the message I was pleasantly surprised at how supportive it was but also in the mature response. It made me feel like my opinion wasn’t wrong and that, for those that are also multi-fandom, people agreed with me.

I was really shocked at the comment and I felt like I wasn’t alone – both in opinion but mostly with the fact that people are becoming more vocal about liking more than one group. When people highlight how they only support one group it makes me so angry. But that’s a post for another day.

I wanted to say thank you to whoever left this comment. It was such a lovely comment to read first thing in the morning. I appreciate how the first comment on this video gives me such a warm feeling and I really wanted people to know about how happy I am right now.

See the video down below!

Bye guys!


4 thoughts on “Still Some Good In the World??

  1. K-pop fandom these days have become way too sensitive… I guess people still prefer herd behavior over strong individuality, as hopping on a hate bandwagon is much easier than dig down the core to see what’s going on.

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    • I agree. I think people are entitled to their opinion but there’s definitely a way to say it. People also tend to take other people’s opinions in the wrong way. Maturity is a massive factor that is a little absent from KPop at the moment.

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