TOP 17 KPOP SONGS OF 2017 | Hana Rosey

Time for my final 2017 video which is none other than my Top 17 Songs of 2017. Last year was fantastic for K-Pop. I’m not talking about how it’s starting to blow up internationally but more focusing on the actual content released. I’m still trying to watch and listen to a wider range of artists and groups and I can definitely feel my music tastes changing.

It was extremely hard to pick a Top 17 but I did get there in the end. I love watching videos of peoples favourite K-Pop songs – I feel that you learn more about the person and what style of music really attracts them.

I have included my video down below so feel free to check it out. Like my Top Albums post, I will be talking about each song underneath the video for those who feel like reading my opinions more than watching a video. Either way, I hope you like my Top 17!

17. ZICO – Fanxy Child

I’ve included two of my favourite lives of “Fanxy Child” as I think this is the best way to hear it. Not only is the song done in two different ways but I feel like watching the artists themselves getting so hype throughout the song adds a little bit extra.

This song is the closest of ZICOs that I can find to “Bermuda Triangle”. For fans of Korean hiphop – whether it be underground or mainstream – you’ll know how amazing that song is. The fact “Fanxy Child” is so close to it is just an added bonus.

If you saw my Top K-Pop Albums video or post you’ll know that ZICOs Television album was up really high on the list – the entire album is superior in so many ways but “Fanxy Child” was everything I was expecting from a producer genius like ZICO.

ZICO and DEAN on the same song together will always be a cut above the rest because of their amazing artistic chemistry and also the way they can deliver a song. With DEANs buttery voice and ZICOs exceptional rapping skills, it’s a sure success.

16. G DRAGON – Untitled, 2014

A veteran artist like G DRAGON will never have a flop. He’s already an established artist with so much success on and off stage that he will always be supported no matter what he ventures into. Because of this I feel like this song (and the album) was a way for GD to talk to his fans about the way that he feels after so many years in the public eye.

What I love about this song in particular is the stunning visuals in the MV but also the fact he sings.

Only successful artists with a long career can stand by themselves in front of a camera and it become legendary. TAEYANG did it with “Eyes, Nose, Lips” and GD has “Untitled, 2014”. The MV was so simplistic but was also executed in such a beautiful way.

He’s known for having a high-pitched and thin voice which I feel is more suited to singing. I do like him rapping but there’s just something about his delicacy and high notes in this song that gives me chills every time I hear it.

15. NCT 127 – Cherry Bomb

I tend to have a love/hate relationship with SM Entertainment but when it comes to NCT it’s an intense love. Particularly NCT 127. I’ve been stuck on NCT Us “The 7th Sense” for a year, just waiting for NCT to bring out a banger that was solely hiphop. I finally got it with “Cherry Bomb”.

Not only am I overly fond of NCT 127 but I’m borderline obsessed with TAEYONG. I feel like he is so skilled and well suited to be the leader of all the NCT groups he’s debuted through and he’s a great artist to have at the forefront of such an already iconic group.

There’s a lot of things I love about this song – from the beat to the MV. My absolute favourite is the choreography. SM is well known for providing amazing choreographies and I feel like NCT is fantastic a showcasing not only their skills but also their synchronistic abilities. I’m a massive fan of hiphop dancing and when they started to show their isolation dance moves I damn well almost lost my mind.

MARK and JAEHYUN are a massive plus for me in this song. I maintain that MARK is one of the hardest working rookies out there and JAEHYUNs voice gives me chills every time he opens his mouth.

14. DPR LIVE – Right Here Right Now

If you saw my Top 10 K-Pop Albums of 2017 post/video, you’ll know DPR LIVEs Coming To You Live album was my number one. It is so beyond perfection and “Right Here Right Now” is one of the reasons why. Although it’s not the first MV I ever saw of DPRs it is the song that kept me hanging around for more.

With featuring artists LOCO and JAY PARK it was an obvious success for me. Not only did they balance really well with DPRs voice and the theatricality of the song but their parts by themselves were so much better than I thought they’d be. LOCOs half-sing-song-half-fast-as-fuck rap and JAY PARKs honey vocals at the climax of the song were absolutely stunning.

13. BTS – Intro: Serendipity

I think I can speak for everyone and say this song is a masterpiece. Not only is it extremely simple but it has a way of captivating the listener immediately – much like their ever-famous intros they’ve already released.

What I love so much about this song is obviously Park Jimin. He’s the first ever member from the vocal-line to be in an intro but he’s also the first vocalist to do the intro by himself. Surely that’s a telltale sign that Jimin has grown so much vocally that he can carry an intro solo. Rather than his voice improving I feel his confidence has grown.

I love the sensitive verses throughout the song and how well the climax matches with it. BTS being a hiphop group could’ve quickly made a beat that overpowered the overall message of this song. But this song was mastered to perfection.

12. KARD – Hola Hola

I love that “Hola Hola” was KARDs official debut song as it showcased something different for them. Prior to this release they were known for their distinctive dancehall vibe and, as a co-ed group, made them even more distinct.

I love how great they are together – from their verses individually to their couple dances – but I feel like I can’t stop freaking out about JIWOOs verse. I will continue freaking out about it until people understand how amazing this song is.

As I mentioned at the start, KARD is known for their dancehall genre. But I love this song because JIWOOs verse made this song so much different than their previous releases – she rapped in her verse while KARD had also introduced some dubstep to their song.

I’m mentioning this because I feel like this song was a change in direction for KARD. Rather than continuing their solely dancehall genre I’ve noticed – from their most recent album You In Me – they’re giving the listeners a little bit more variety while still keeping inside the bubble they’ve made for themselves.

11. NCT 127 – Limitless

I mentioned for Number 15 – I love NCT 127! The only song that could’ve beaten “Cherry Bomb” for me was in fact “Limitless”.

I mentioned in my video that I’m a little upset because I feel people have forgotten about this song and how great it is. Not only does it show a heavy hiphop influence but it showcases the variety and talent of each of the boys.

Although the original MV is great in itself, the choreography MV is my favourite. Again, it showcases how talented these boys are. But coming from SM Entertainment I don’t know why I was so surprised at how great they all are at dancing.

This song is the only song on my iTunes that I don’t skip past and I often find new things in the song that I’ve never noticed before. It’s such a great song that needs to be talked about more.

10. MONSTA X – Beautiful

Although “Dramarama” got them their first win on a music show, “Beautiful” to me was their shinning moment this year. Not only does it showcase each boy wonderfully but it also gives the listeners a little taste of their ever so consistent sound.

MONSTA X to me is one of the most beautiful groups around – not so much because of their visuals but more for their talent and also for how beautiful they are as people.

This song shows how great they are with choreography but it also has one of the catchiest and most pleasing chorus’ for me. When KIHYUN starts off the chorus he goes in a different direction – instead of raising his notes at the end of the first couple lines he lowers the tone which automatically makes this song more unique to me.

From the dancing to the styling to each members parts, “Beautiful” was exactly that – BEAUTIFUL!

9. SEVENTEEN – Habit

Yes, I am talking about this song again because YES, this song is that good!

This song is the reason why I love SEVENTEEN. Although I do like their title songs, they’ve never made me get so excited that I check out their whole albums. “Don’t Wanna Cry” is the song that did it for me – without that song I never would’ve checked out AI1 and therefore wouldn’t know of the greatness of “Habit”.

Upon first hearing the song I had no idea why I didn’t click that this was done by their Vocal Team – I don’t know why I didn’t, maybe I didn’t know they had three units. But once I heard this song I knew I was a fan. A MASSIVE ONE.

Not only is this song lyrically beautiful but it also has traces of being quite theatrical. It’s very simple and sensitive through the verses but gets very grand during the chorus thanks to the music matched with the boys harmonising with each other. I also feel that DK and SEUNGKWANs high notes add to this theatrical vibe as well.


Although not technically a Korean song, I’m going to class it as one purely on the involvement of TABLO and ERIC NAM. But also because of how much I loved the song.

I didn’t quite know what I was in for when I first watched it as I had never heard of GALLANT before. But as soon as his voice came in I was hooked, now his album Ology is one of my favourites. I’m not overly fond of TABLOs verse in this song – I feel like he’s a lot better when he raps in Korean. But ERIC NAM…. ERIC. NAM.

For fans of this song you’ll know that when ERIC first comes in with his verse singing “Gravity makes wonders…” you’ll understand why I put this song so high. His voice is like butter. I wish he’d do more songs that are closer to this genre – soulful R&B – because I think it suits him the most.

The MV is also quite beautiful, very simplistic but the use of complementary lighting was great!

7. WINNER – Really Really

I know for a fact – all those that class themselves as INNER CIRCLE were nervous over this comeback. The boys had not only been away for a year but they’d lost their main vocal TAEHYUN a couple months prior to this songs release. I’m not saying that he was the end-all for this group but he was a massive part of it both vocally and lyrically.

What I don’t think we were all expecting was how amazing this song was. Not only was it a different direction for WINNER but the pure catchiness of the song was incredible.

Prior to this release we had seen them be a little bit more focused on emotional and sentimental songs (haha mind the pun please) so a song so heavily influenced by western and South American music was sure to be a shock and a half.

From the black and white MV to the use of JINWOOs voice at the start of the song and the killing parts – everything was absolutely top notch!

6. SAM KIM – Think About’ You

I will always ALWAYS love this song – it’s what introduced me to the distinctive voice of SAM KIM.

Prior to this song I’d never heard a song from SAM KIM although I had seen his name in a lot of places. In retrospect this song is a lot funkier than his normal acoustic songs but I love it the same as the rest of his songs. The genre was probably why I loved this song immediately upon hearing it.

Although this song isn’t off an album – which makes me angrier than you would ever know – I love it so much more because of that. SAMs ever buttery voice is perfect with the beat but also with LOCOs rap as well. I am a fan of LOCO as well but I think I prefer the songs that he features on rather than the songs that he brings out by himself.

Honestly, this song is one of the highest played songs on my iTunes from this year and I need more people to check it out and fall in love with it.

5. EXO – Ko Ko Bop

I will never be over the shit show of a music video but rather than talking about the Kai Effect, I want to just talk about the song.

(EXO is well-known for having fantastic albums and they will forever do well both inside and outside Korea. Personally, I tend to like the odd song rather than the entirety and this album was no different. With exceptions “The Eve” and “Ko Ko Bop”, this album had the potential to push the group in such a wonderful and different direction.)

What I did love in particular about this song though was the sound of it. Musically and vocally this song was beyond amazing, maybe because of how different it was to their prior releases, but I was not prepared for the perfection as a whole.

4. DAY6 – I Wait

I am thankful to a lot of this in 2017 – DAY6 is definitely one of them.

I put this song so high because I wasn’t at all prepared for how much I was going to love this song but also for how deeply and how hard I was going to fall in love with the group. They’ve fed us so well this year with constant and consistent releases but my love for them started with “I Wait”.

It shows a more rock-like song that wasn’t really featured too much throughout the year but for me, it just stands out more because of that. The MV was also extremely stunning.

I love everything about this song – the progression of the song, JAEs breathy vocals, SUNGJINs hard-hitting voice in the chorus’… YOUNGK….

DAY6 deserve all the fame they received this year and I’m so proud of them. I hope that for this coming year they also are unafraid to reach higher and higher upon each release.

3. BTS – Mic Drop

(I included the Remix MV, but I’m meaning the original “Mic Drop” song.)

Wow. This song is so incredible. So much so that I fell in love with it since I first saw their tracklist teaser a few days before DNA dropped.

Not only is it fierce and sassy but it also shows how great of a foundation the boys have in hiphop. I think a lot of people forget that BTS started out as a hiphop group so with songs like “Mic Drop” they remind everyone where they came from.

Lyrically, this song is the most similar to their cyphers. It talks about people hating on them but they no longer care about the hate. As beautiful as a message as it is to come from them, I think it should have an even greater influence on ARMY. In the face of hate – just walk away!

2.BTS – Spring Day

I love BTS ballads and “Spring Day” would have to be on of my most favourite one they’ve done so far.

When I first watched it I was more drawn to “Not Today” – I do love me a decent banger as well – more than “Spring Day” but as the year went on I flipped. Musically and lyrically this song is absolutely beautiful – not to mention their choreography.

This song showed us a different side to BTS as it was a genre they’ve never explored before. The sound of the song matched with the softer and more delicate aesthetics of the music video. Everything about it is so beautiful and yet another reason why I love the boys so much.


*CODE KUNST – Fire Water

*PENTAGON – Like This

*CLC – Hobgoblin

*BTS – A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone

*EXID – Boy

*SURAN – 1 + 1 = 0

*DAY6 – How Can I Say

*MONSTA X – Dramarama

*GOT7 – You Are

*SUNMI – Gashina


1. DPR LIVE – Know Me

Are you surprised?? Coz so was I!

I wasn’t expecting my love for this song to not only continue but to also get bigger and bigger throughout the year.

This song is so unique. It not only showcases, what I only know now, what DPR does best with how he raps on top of a beat. It also has such familiar traits of what Dream Perfect Regime is known for and that is for their visuals.

DPR LIVEs Coming To You Live was my number 1 Album of the Year plus also being my number 1 Song Of the Year. Because of this it is only right that I state that for me DPR LIVE absolutely owned 2017.

This may come as a shock because I am such an avid BTS fan – to be fair, they also own 2017 but for completely different reasons – but a lot of the time I don’t talk about my love for Korean Hiphop. Honestly, I’m not too well-versed with Korean hiphop but I know what I like – call me picky haha.

So that’s it for my Top lists for 2017. Again, I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading my list of Top Songs. There have been a lot of great songs that came out last year and I can only pray and expect that more and more great music will continue coming out for a long long time.


Bye guys!


2 thoughts on “TOP 17 KPOP SONGS OF 2017 | Hana Rosey

  1. Spring Day really took my breath away. It. Is. Just. So. Beautiful. Really Really makes my heart skip a beat. Jinwoo’s intro and his neol joh-ahae kills me. Ko Ko Bop is a fun, upbeat song. I’ve only listened to BTS, EXO, Winner and Sunmi from this list. Thank you for the recommendations.

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