K-Pop Songs: N – Naked by TAEYANG

There have been so many amazing albums from 2017 and Taeyang’s White Night album is one of them. Not only are the title songs fantastic but the b-sides are all so cohesive and so well produced that I can’t deny shortlisting it as one of the best from 2017.


ALBUM: White Night


Taeyang’s first solo album in three years White Night was released August 16 2017. (It must’ve been the moon who is a Big Bang fan because when this album was released I was actually attending the G Dragon concert – funny how little things like that can happen, isn’t it!) With two title tracks Wake Me Up and Darling the listeners were proved again why Taeyang is not only extremely talented but also why he’s been around for a long time.

This is the first solo album of Taeyang’s where I’ve been a fan of K-Pop, so I was very excited to hear his title tracks and his new album. After watching the White Night tracklist teaser video I knew there were a few certainties – I had to buy this album ASAP and that Naked was going to be my favourite. And it is!

I find the intro to Naked has a similar feel to Wake Me Up – they both start with a few seconds of muted music to get the listener into the mood. For me, the first fifteen seconds was just his way of telling me I wasn’t ready.

I’ve recently had a massive affection for random english sentences in K-Pop songs – like GOT7s “I miss your face…” and EXOs “I searched the universe…”, I just really like how these english sentences can absolutely captivate me. Taeyangs Naked is absolutely riddled with them – from the verse “I can’t get you off my mind…” to the ever famous chorus “I want you naked…”. I’m hugely into this style at the moment, not just because it’s in in english so I can understand it immediately but because these parts tend to be the killing parts and the most catchy.

This entire album is full of absolutely great songs and I think we all know who they’re all written for. Although I won’t be including the translations in this post I did want to say that I love Taeyang being in love – big BIG congratulations on your upcoming marriage!!

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