K-Pop Songs: N – Now or Never by MONSTA X

MONSTA X is one of my favourite groups for a lot of reasons. Although I have like a lot of their albums their most recent The Code is their first album that I’ve enjoyed every song. Although I would’ve liked to talk about songs like “Dramarama” and “Tropical Night” which are a different genre and vibe than their normal sound, I wanted to talk about “Now Or Never” – a song that highlights all of MONSTA Xs strongest points.


ALBUM: The Code


The Code was released November 7 2017. If I knew beforehand how amazing this album as a whole would be I would’ve preordered the damn thing ASAP! What I love about this album is that it seems like it’s a step in a totally different direction than what we’ve seen from MONSTA X in previous albums. I particularly love their title track “Dramarama” but also “In Time.”

It’s no lie that I’m a massive MONSTA X fan so my love for this album is an absolute given. What is different about it is just the general vibe. Although the album features a few songs that are a lot more different than their usual sound I particularly like how they still bring out songs that represent everything MONSTA X is about – powerful and rhythmic beats matched with some overly masculine dance moves. The perfect representation for this normal MX-sound in an album full of branching out is “Now Or Never”.

This song is very dance-esque with heavy influences of house music. The vocals are really nice – they build at the start of the chorus before being stripped back so the listener can focus more on the music with slight lyrics heard throughout. What I love about this kind of MONSTA X beat is the rap line – IM and JOOHEON are such amazing rappers but this kind of beat is so well catered for JOOHEON.

I’ve mentioned it on more than one occasion – JOOHEON is the glue in MONSTA X. He’s the member that can carry these kind of heavy dance beats the best and his skill as a rapper is so rare for an idol rapper. When his rap starts after the first chorus I can’t help but get chills. As soon as he starts in his aggressive and growly tone the music changes to a slower dubstep beat which makes the song a lot more intense. I love that JOOHEON has this kind of influence in the songs but I particularly love the fact that both JOOHEON and IM had a massive influence on the songwriting for the whole album.

The subject matter can be seen as a little bit transparent – the concept of you only live once. I say transparent because I’ve heard this concept a lot prior to this song so I’m not surprised at all. What I do like about the lyrics is how they’re trying to encourage people to do what they want rather than what other people want them to do. I know it’s always an important subject in Korea so I can definitely appreciate why they wrote it like this.

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