MOMOLAND – GREAT! [Album Review]

Although I’ve never listened to a MOMOLAND song before there was something about their teasers for their upcoming album GREAT!, releasing 3 Jan 2018, I was drawn to. Maybe it was the catchiness of the music but I couldn’t help but be intrigued. As soon as I heard their Highlight Medley video I knew I had to check out both their title track “Bboom Bboom” and the rest of the album. Immediately drawn to their b-sides “Curious” and “Fly” I knew I was going to end up liking the whole deal.

(I will talk about their MV “Bboom Bboom” in a later post at the very end of this month so I won’t do it here so keep your eyes peeled for that one.)




The album has just four tracks with two instrumental versions at the end. Instrumental versions annoy me a little bit so we won’t talk about those last two but mainly focus on the first four.


Because “Bboom Bboom” was the song that initially drew me to listening to the album I would obviously be a little more biased towards it. I enjoy the catchiness of the chorus but mostly the transitions between the steady, repetitive beat with the beat drop. I can’t help but find similarities in the pre-chorus with EXIDs “Up Down” chorus – just the chords and notes that were used were very similar which made this song more catchy to me.

The simplistic electric guitar instrumentation at the start of “Curious” surprised me. From the highlight medley I was expecting the song to be more hectic from the get go but the song built along the way. I did enjoy how strong the vocals were throughout the song and can’t help but be curious at what the song would’ve sounded like using just the guitar and vocals. This song is my favourite off this album due to how it straddles the line between a slow song and an upbeat one. Both styles suit the vocals and the album as a whole really well.

“Same Same” is probably my least favourite song off the album. I don’t know if it’s because I’m still trying to get used to girl groups or the genre of the song isn’t my favourite but it didn’t hit me in the same way as the others. I do like the transitions in the pre-chorus and in the bridge though. This song has a bit more of a continuous beat than the previous two. I do like beat changes within a song – for some reason I’m more drawn to songs that have some variety within them.

“Fly” was another favourite of mine from the highlight medley. I did like the dreamy sound of the pre-chorus and the beat changes throughout the verses though I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. I found it had a similar vibe to “Same Same” with the continuous beat throughout but I did like it all the same.

Vocally I find this group to have a good foundation yet their rap line is where my curiosity lies. It might be my initial attraction to hip hop/rap music in general but I’m interested to hear more of them in their future releases.

The tracks on this album fit well together but I can’t help that the last two tracks showed more variation like the first two. Because I’m not a huge girl group listener I can’t compare it to anything else – other than what I mentioned at the start – nor can I provide some genuine feedback on how this fits in to the girl group spectrum, I can only take it for what it is.

I did like the album – songs “Bboom Bboom” and “Curious” are more than enough to make up for what I felt was lacking in the other two – almost to the point of buying my favourite tracks on iTunes. My interest is peaked for MOMOLAND and I can totally see myself getting knee-deep into their next comeback.



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