K-Pop Songs: P – Palette by IU

This album is the first of IUs that I’ve listened to in full and I’m in love with it. Although I do like some songs more than others, the album as a whole is spectacular. I also love how she is held in such high regard by Koreans. She won a lot of awards at all the end of year award shows and I think that’s what she deserves. She’s so young but to have this kind of successful career so far is truly beautiful.


ALBUM: Palette


Palette was released 21 April 2017 with title song “Palette”. I have already talked about how much I loved this album in a previous post K-Pop Songs: C – Can’t Love You Anymore so I won’t touch on that too much in this post. I thought it was only fitting to write about this particular song as it’s the one that made me first listen to IU and this album in the first place.

Prior to this song I hadn’t really thought too highly of IU. From the songs I’d heard of her she tended to over sing a lot – this is a quality that I’m extremely picky about but mostly dislike in a female voice. So I did walk in to this song having the thought that I probably wasn’t going to like it but also the fact that G DRAGON was going to be in it as well. I do love me some GD so I feel that this was the deciding factor in to giving the song a fair chance.

As soon as the song started I knew I was in for a good time. It starts off extremely softly musically and continues this softness throughout the majority of the song. The verses were executed really well as I think the music was muted down even more while IU was singing on top. The only time the music picked up a little bit was during the pre-chorus, the chorus and GDs rap.

What I loved the most from this song was IUs voice. Keep in mind what I said before – I was prepared for her to over sing and for me to not enjoy it as much – so you could imagine how gobsmacked I was at how sensitive and delicate her voice was throughout this song. In fact, throughout the entire album.

She almost has a French cafe feel to her. You know what I mean – doesn’t push her voice too hard and sits well in the most perfect pocket catered for her voice. It’s the kind of song and album that I’d expect to hear all over France or even in an elevator – not in a bad way though. It’s relaxing enough to be in an elevator!

I love the catchiness of the chorus and in keeping with my ‘english killing parts’ thing I’ve been obsessed with, her lyrics “I like it, I’m 25” was right up my street. The lyrics of the entire song capture the whole feeling of being in your twenties – knowing what you like and how weird they all are.

Strangely, these days
I like things easy
But still, I like Corinne’s music
Rather than hot pink
I like a deep purple
I also like pajamas with buttons and lipstick
These are jokes

I like it. I’m twenty five
I know you like me
I got this. I’m truly fine
I think I know a little bit about myself now

Rather than long hair
I definitely like short bair
But still
I was pretty when I sang Good Day
Why is that?
I like things a little outdated
Rather than pictures
I like filled palettes, diaries, times I was asleep

Check out the MV down below. Again, it’s perfect for the subject matter of the song as it features her likes while still keeping relatable, soft and full of youth.

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