TRCNG – WHO AM I [Album Review]

I seem to have a problem with groups that appear to be too young – most of the babies in TRCNG are in fact…babies with the average age of 15.9 years. Which is good – they’re the new generation for K-Pop. They also carry a similar vibe with their sunbaes BAP – one of my top 3 bias groups – meaning they’re intense with powerful sounding music. I have listened to their debut album New Generation which I really enjoyed, especially title track “Spectrum”.




Released 2 Jan 2018 I was very interested in checking out the new MV for title track “Wolf Baby” and the rest of the album. As I mentioned above I enjoyed their debut album so I had high expectations. Another thing I found similar with BAP was the size of this new mini-album Who Am I and how it’s extremely short with only three tracks.

“I Am” starts the mini-album off with a relaxed vibe while merging multiple different genres – reggae, dubstep and dance. When too many genres are fused together it can come across as too much too quick but I feel it was done well due to the strong vocals. It was definitely a strong start to the album.

“Wolf Baby”, aside from how strange I find the MV, is actually quite a nice song. I thought the MV was very appropriate for the members age – I hate when too young idols are in too grown-up music videos – but this concept was cute enough for their age yet executed well enough that it wasn’t overly cringey. The song is catchy with an backing track based in funk while the intensity through the chorus elevates the song. It’s not my favourite title track out of this and “Spectrum” but I did enjoy it nonetheless.

“Utopia” is a nice song to end the mini-album on. This is yet another similarity that TS Entertainment seem to favour – ending an album on a slower song – and I really enjoyed this song. I do think TRCNGs vocal line shows a lot of potential and I’m excited to see how good the frontrunners are in this department. I’m yet to figure out how I feel about their rap line but I feel like their age stops me in my tracks. I have a very specific type of rap-voice that I enjoy and I think these boys haven’t quite got that yet, but maybe when they’ll get out of puberty then I’ll figure out how I feel about them. The song is simplistic enough to be calm but also well executed enough to end the album off on a high. It’s definitely my favourite off the mini album.




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