K-Pop Songs: P – Parachute by CODE KUNST

I have to thank the ever popular JRE from YouTube for first introducing me to this song. I was only six months fresh to the world of Korean music and while watching JREs top songs of 2015 I heard this song and immediately fell in love. Although there are a few different hands in the mixing pot of this song it was OH HYUKs voice that made me fall in love the most.


ALBUM: Muggles Mansion


Muggles Mansion was released 28 February 2017, but “Parachute” was released a few months before. As I mentioned above, I stumbled across this song because of JRE and I’m ever so thankful for that. Not only did I discover another genre of Korean music I’d never heard before but I also fell in love with another voice – OH HYUK.

Because I’ve already mentioned a song from this album (F – Fire Water) and there’s also been on a song from OH HYUK in this A-Z series (C – Can’t Love You Anymore) I don’t want to go into the specifics of the album or his voice in general but rather focus on how fantastic this particular song is.

Although the song did come out way back in 2015 it continues to be one of the most played songs on my Spotify playlists as well as the top played song in my iTunes. Every time the song comes on shuffle I get put in a trace-like state due to how hypnotising and amazing this song is.

The beat starts off quite bass heavy with muted keyboard tones before OH HYUKs ever-soulful voice kicks the song off. He has a way of singing that is so unique to him – both his tone and the way he sings out his lyrics. His honey-like voice creates such a hypnotising and calming ambiance with is only intensified during the chorus. When I first heard this song I was curious as to whether his voice was naturally like that. I’m sure you can imagine how happy I was when I found out that he sings like this all the time.

When DOK2 comes in I was expecting it to be a little mismatched but again I was proved wrong. His voice is quite high-pitched and thin for a rapper but it matches really well with the overall concept of the song. He doesn’t take away from what OH HYUK had initially set up in the first half of the song.

To me, this song is completely universal. Not only is the beat western enough to snatch those who don’t like Korean musics attention but the pairing of OH HYUK and DOK2s voices pulls people in. The two people I’ve introduced this song to are my boyfriend and a friend from work. Both boys are huge music fans in general and their very open to all kinds of music – as long as they feel it. This song is the only song I’ve played around them where they’ve asked me who it was and where they can find it online. That’s all the proof I need for how amazing this song is.

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