Being that this is my first listen to a full N.FLYING album I have to give all thanks to their title track “Hot Potato”. Taking the strange song title and the comedic MV the song is really good. Because of my interest in the title track, listening to this album was an absolute must for me!




Release 3 Jan 2018, N.FLYINGs third mini-album The Hottest was release with title track “Hot Potato”. Initially drawn to their strange song title I was pleasantly surprised at how intrigued I was by their overall vibe. I wasn’t sure where they fit in to the spectrum of Korean rock but was willing to give them a listen to figure it out for myself.

Overall, this album is stellar though I of course have favourites. What I find they do continuously is straddle the line between a lot of genres rather than sticking with rock. I find tracks – like”Crossroad”, “Can’t Be Better” and “I Know U Know” – more pop-rock based while the rest of the album – tracks “Don’t Forget This”, “Hot Potato” and “Just One Day” – show a different kind of vibe entirely by combining their pop-rock sound with elements of reggae/ska.

I think their vocals are very solid and strong while their occasional rap verses are highlighted really well. I’m not a massive Korean rock fan but I find N.FLYINGs vibe and musicality extremely appealing. Although they do have a very distinct sound I can’t help but hear a lot of similarities with other Korean and Western groups while not taking away from the overall vibe they have.

This is definitely one of my favourite albums of the month so far. It’s fun, shows a wide range of creativity and perfectly portrays each members skill level both solo and as a collective.



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