Due to only being a part of the K-Pop world since mid-2015 I did miss the INFINITE train though I can appreciate them for what they do and the things they’re so famous for – knife dancing, their retro sound and being incredible live singers. Because of this I will be reviewing this album by itself without drawing specific comparisons between their prior album releases.


ALBUM: Top Seed


Top Seed was released 8 Jan 2018 with title track “Tell Me”. I have friend who is a massive INFINITE fan so when this song dropped I sent it to her straight away and asked what she thought of it. She said she didn’t like it because she missed their retro 80s sound they’re known for, which is fair enough. I’m not a huge fan of songs purely based in the 80s style, which I find most of INFINITE songs to sound like, so I found myself being surprised at how much I enjoy their new song. I would agree with my friend though, “Tell Me” is very much absent of their regular sound so I can understand why she feels that way. Although “Tell Me” doesn’t have the classic INFINTE sound, it is featured throughout the rest of the album – particularly “Synchronise” and “Begin Again”.

What I do enjoy about this twelve track album is the solos. They’re a group that has consistently included tracks by solo members on their albums which I find refreshing yet common among groups that have been around for a little while. I particularly enjoy DONG WOOs “TGIF”. He’s known as one of the rappers yet he also has quite a nice singing voice, this song showing both sides of him well. It was also quite relaxed and had a simple beat without differing too far from the rest of the album.

My favourite songs off this album are “Tell Me”, “No More” and “Pray” as they all show how strong INFINITE are vocally. They’re one of the few older groups that I can really appreciate for their vocal abilities mostly due to SUNGKYU and WOOHYUNs incredible power and skill.

I found the album as a whole to be quite theatrical which added some drama to a genre of music I’m not overly fond of. For the points I did take off from the album total is purely due to my dislike of 80s sounding music but for the tracks I did enjoy, I liked A LOT!



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