K-Pop Songs: Q – Queen by HISTORY

Although not the first song of HISTORYs I’d ever seen it definitely left a massive impact. Coming straight from watching their eye-catching MV for “Might Just Die”, I was waiting for a song that would make me a fan of theirs and “Queen” did it within the first 5 seconds. Although the group announced their disbandment on 12 May 2017, they still deserve some attention. I wasn’t a huge fan of their earlier work but this album was fantastic!




Him was released 11 April 2016 with title track “Queen” and as I mentioned above, I came straight from watching their earlier and earth shattering MV for “Might Just Die”. For those who are familiar with this MV or if you have eyes… you’ll know why I would go head first into their more recent comeback. I was expecting a similar vibe as “Might Just Die” which dealt with a heavy electronic/dubstep song but what I wasn’t expecting was such a great beat drop or to be so attacked by their visuals.

Although sounding to intense and crazy in the first 5 seconds, the song quickly changes to such a nice beat drop paired with maknae Yijeong’s whispering the lyrics for the chorus. The song is automatically launched into the bop territory but also throws the group into a different element of sexiness than what was seen in “Might Just Die”. The song continues to stay hectic in the pre-chorus’ before dropping back into the slower and sexier pocket established at the start.

What I love about this song is the rap from Sihyong. His deep voice provides another element to the song that was missing as the music changes when his mouth opens to a more funkier beat before dropping back to the original chorus.

I just really enjoyed this song. Maybe because of how attached I became to the members straight after watching the MV or because of how amazing both the song and the MV were. I think these boys deserved a lot more love than what they received and I wished that they didn’t disband. Considering this was the last song they left us with I was interested in what direction they were going to go off in.

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