I’ve never heard of JOONIL JUNG – or JUNG JOONIL – before so I was very interested after watching his MV for “Say Yes”. I found his voice to be unique enough to spark my interest so in turn, I was extremely excited to hear the rest of his album Elephant.


ALBUM: Elephant


Elephant was released 16 Jan 2018 with title track “Say Yes”. I did mention above that I did watch/listen to this song in particular which in turn sparked an interest in who JOONIL JUNG was as an artist. I found his voice to be husky and thick enough to be regarded as my type of voice so I was excited to see the extent of his voice from this particular album.

Although the album does have two instrumental tracks – “June” and “Walk” – I found them both to be very relaxing and therapeutic, like most instrumental songs. I’ve always been interested to why artists include instrumental songs on their albums or part of their digital releases. Can anyone shed some light on this one for me?

Tracks “Hell O”  and “Whitney” are very different from “Say Yes” but in completely different ways. “Hell O” is very much a ballad, with heavy use of piano and an orchestra. On the total flip side, “Whitney” is more rock. They’re all very different songs and his voice seems to change with each and every one.

With having consistently different genres on one album I’m left being slightly confused. I do appreciate an artist who does dabble in different genres but I feel like with a song like “Whitney”, my initial attraction to his voice was somewhat dimmed. Maybe it’s because rock isn’t my genre of choice. Maybe it’s because I was almost given whiplash by the constant changing of genres. Either way, this album left an impression on me but I’m unsure as to if it was a good or bad one.



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