K-Pop Songs: R – Runaway by BOBBY

It should be no surprise by now that I’m in love with iKON, BOBBY and this album. What was a surprise was how much I loved this song. I think I liked it a lot more because of the MV but it doesn’t take away from how beautiful and haunting this song can be.


ALBUM: Love & Fall


Love & Fall dropped 14 November 2017 with title tracks “Runaway” and “I Love You” much to iKONICs and hiphop fans alike. While I wasn’t surprised at how amazing this release would be I was surprised at the direction this album was aiming. He is known for being a savage rapper but he showed everyone the slower and more soft side to him and I welcomed it with arms wide open.

“Runaway” was my favourite of his title tracks for a lot of reasons. Not only was it the first song I heard of the two but I just loved the emotion and sentimentality linked to this type of song. Although the MV was filmed a long time ago, I’m happy he was able to release this song as a title track finally.

Starting off with simplistic guitar strumming while BOBBY comes in with a vocal singing “I want to runaway” is one hell of a way to start off a song – automatically it hit me right in my feels. The song quickly transitions to a more boombap beat while BOBBY raps on top. The beat doesn’t really break down until the chorus where BOBBY sings! Obviously a rapper singer would give me goosebumps for days. It also breaks down right at the end of the song right after the climax.

I mentioned above that the MV really helped me enjoy this song. Not only did it have a link to previously released iKON track “Apology” – which I find interesting – but the personal touches of him including shots of parent-like figures and also including his treasured Winnie the Pooh teddy made my eyes water. I DID NOT CRY! But they did water for a little while.

Having a title like “Runaway” the lyrics would obviously have links to… running away. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much he tapped into this side that we don’t get to see from him very often. Although he is unafraid to shed a tear when he’s sad, it is nice to hear him have such a sentimental and emotional song to execute by himself.

I’m tired of everything now
So I get mad at the smallest things
I’m on my way home alone and it’s noisy
But it’s only laughter that has nothing to do with me
So I keep my head low

I ran crazily, not knowing I became an adult
Trying to pretend I live without worries so my mom won’t get worried
When I get home, I wash up, turn off the lights and lay down
But now reality is heavier than dreams
So I can’t sleep, so I sing

In the mirror
It’s not the me I used to know
I want to chase after my dreams
But responsibility weighs down on my shoulders

I have a habit of thinking mistakes are failures
I don’t wanna fail so I keep stopping my efforts
Cuz I don’t wanna get hurt, I avoid new encounters
It’s better to cry alone, no need to be cautious

I lay on my bed but it doesn’t feel like home
I just wanna go far away
Even if the sun rises tomorrow, even if there’s hope
The words “good morning”
Mean nothing to me, so I sing

It’ll be alright
At the end of this wandering
The me that I will find
Is waiting Yeh ye
Yeh ye ye

I’ve lost my way
Please hold my hand
I don’t know why I’m here
I wanna runaway
I wanna runaway

To a place where no one knows me
To a place where no one looks for me
Raise me up
I just can’t go on, take me away
I wanna runaway

What breaks my heart the most about this song is that he raps as if he feels like there’s no way out. From recent events involving Jonghyun passing I feel like mental health for idols is often overlooked which needs to change. The terrible conditions, the constant schedules, the overworking… these poor kids need to be well looked after at all times and it doesn’t happen enough. I’m hoping that these lyrics are based on a past time for BOBBY and aren’t how he’s feeling now. I hope he – and every idol – know that there are people there that love them and who are there to listen to them.

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