so i have an idea…

I have an idea of what to do once K-POP SONGS: A-Z finishes. Although it probably won’t be an every day kind of series – which is actually what I should be trying to figure out – but I think it could be a good idea in general.

Due to this idea initially not being mine I have asked permission from the originator. Whether that person started off the idea in the first place, I’m not too sure, she’s just the first person I follow on social media that has done something like this. As I just mentioned, I’ve asked their permission. When I see a cool idea and would like to try it I always ask permission out of respect to their idea. I’m not the type of person to just take idea’s – regardless of how different my take on it would be – I just think people should be credited where it’s due.

So, I’m just waiting for her answer back. Hopefully she’s ok with it – she’s a lovely person so she could say yes – but either way I’ll no doubt write on here for what her answer is and then I can go from there.


Bye guys!


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