CHUNGHA – OFFSET [Album Review]

I missed the hype that was IOI but I do know of CHUNGHA. Her last comeback before her most recent one was pretty good but I was interested to see what direction she was going to go in this time around. Going for a girl group – regardless of the imminent disbanding of IOI – to a solo artist is a great way to become instantly successful. She’s already earned fans through Produce 101 so her popularity is bound to increase the more and more comebacks she has.


ALBUM: Offset


Being released on 17 January 2018, Offset was the second solo comeback from CHUNGHA with title track “Rollercoaster”. As I mentioned above, I was late to the IOI train so I don’t have any preconceived notions or impressions of the individual members from the group. I do know their title tracks as a group were catchy as hell but aside from “Whatta Man”, none of their titles were a stand out for me.

I wasn’t a fan of “Rollercoaster” but I do think there were a couple other tracks off the album that would’ve been good title tracks as well – purely based off my particular music tastes of course.

I do know she promoted “Offset” alongside “Rollercoaster” and I do like the first track a lot. I enjoy how it’s simplistic enough to start off an album but also complex enough to sound interesting. This song is what I would call ‘experimental’. I use this word a lot when referring to song that incorporate different elements and have a more complex melody and song production. It was a fantastic way to start off an album.

My favourite songs off this EP are “Do It” and “Bad Boy” – “Do It” in particular. The song starts off with a reggae base with plenty of space in the pockets to give it a more relaxed and summer kind of vibe. The song does progress to a lot more intense in the chorus while CHUNGHA showcases her strong and powerful vocal skills. I enjoy songs like this a lot and this is one of the songs I feel could’ve been a great title track.

All in all, I did like this album a lot. To the point where my opinion on CHUNGHA has improved since her first solo EP. As I mentioned at the start, her first comeback was good but I definitely prefer this comeback a lot more. She sounds extremely confident and I think she’s already established her own sound and direction.



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