K-Pop Songs: S – Seattle by SAM KIM

This far into my K-Pop Songs: A-Z list you should know that I love me some SAM KIM. I’ve already talked about him in previous posts (M – Mama Don’t Worry) so I won’t go too deep into the album or the reason why his voice is so appealing to me. I will just be talking about how well he uses his voice in this particular song.


ALBUM: I Am Sam – EP


SAM KIMs I Am Sam EP came out 10 April 2016 much to his fans happiness. After watching the odd episode of SAM when he was on K-Pop Star 3 back in 2013 I can clearly hear the best changes only puberty can have on a male voice. In saying this, he never had a terrible voice, his skill set seems a lot more refined and perfected.

Among the life changing event of listening to this EP the first way around I had a few favourites, one of which being “Seattle”. Everything about this song is just stunning – both vocally and lyrically. Extremely simplistic but I enjoyed how it was musically stripped back so the listener had no choice but to listen to his emotion and stellar vocals.

The song starts off with a slow piano, setting the mood off in an sensitive way. I love how the first half of the song is in english which totally captivates the audience with his honey and soulful voice. The music is kept quite open which allows him to do ad-libs and just let his voice breath throughout the whole song.

As soon as the second verse comes in he switches to Hangul while light string orchestral elements come in adding a little bit more drama. What I love about this verse in particular is when he pushes his voice a little harder and shows how controlled and passionate he can be before referring back to his sensitive breathy style from earlier.

Lyrically, this song is beautiful. It talks about his hometown, Seattle, and how much he misses it.

I’m tired everyday I’m thirsty for the rain
That waters all of my melodies
The needle in the sky
never fails to light my night
And it sews my heart on my tattered sleeve

Oh please my heart is all for you
Just please take care of me I’m all for you

Take take take me all for you
Take take take me home to you

From someone who also left their hometown extremely young – I left home when I was 13 but I did move within the same country – so I do understand these words to a certain extent. Because I’m also a bit of a hopeless romantic I also see how this could be referring to someone you love as you “home” – both versions are equally beautiful.

I love SAM KIM a whole lot and I can’t wait for his 2018 releases. For those of you who missed my TOP 17 SONGS IN 2017 his song “Think About’ You” was up very high on my list, I’m only praying that even more songs come out by SAM this coming year.

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