JBJ – TRUE COLOURS [Album Review]

I love their debut mini-album Fantasy that released at the end of last year so I was excited to listen to both the title track and the whole album as well. Although I had high standards walking into this album, I walked out of it with a different impression of JBJ – not the same impression but still a high one.


ALBUM: True Colours


True Colours was released 17 Jan 2018 with title track “My Flower”. As I mentioned at the start, my love for their first EP Fantasy raised my standards for this group way up high – which in retrospect is extremely unfair. I think I it because I love “Fantasy” and their entire EP so much that any other option than love wouldn’t have been enough.

Imagine my surprise when I found their title track “My Flower”… below average. It is an okay song but I was expecting a song with a lot more substance to the musicality regardless of how intensely they shake their hips in the MV. I think I was let down because I expected so much from their title track. I personally feel there are a couple songs that could’ve been their title track instead of this one.

In all honesty, “My Flower” was the only song that was a let down, the rest of the album I found to be great. There is another song – “Wonderful Day” – I feel lacks the same kind of song progression like their title track though it isn’t as severe in this song.

The entire album is a lot slower than anticipated while still being very reliant on an electronic hiphop melody with a heavy rhythmic beat. I found the album to focus a lot on the vocals more than anything which I found quite refreshing. The voices for their rap line are very distinctive and if they’re used too much the song could easily be set offtrack so the fact they relied a lot on the vocals was great. I don’t think they’re as strong vocally as they could be but I enjoy how their voices sound together on a track – they have a distinctive sound as a group.

I do have a couple favourite songs off this album which I think could’ve been better title tracks – “True Colours” and “On My Mind”. Both these songs are a great way to start off an album and they have enough of a catchy beat and song progression to capture peoples attention.

The whole album is such a different ‘colour’ for JBJ. Their debut EP was very heavily influenced by hiphop and True Colours is a more relaxed electronic vibe. Both genres are great for the group so I can’t wait to see what direction they’ll be going in for their future releases.



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